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Fun Evening

At first, the people came in dribs and drabs and took their places in the small room.  Then a clump came together and a few more arrived, and soon the room was almost full. But we waited a few minutes in case there were any stragglers, as parking was difficult to find – and there […]

Instant Manifestation

It seems that we are all in such a hurry these days and we want things to happen ‘quickly’.  We very quickly got used to instant coffee and instant meals from a microwave oven.  And now Instant Communication is the name of our game. So when people find out about the Law of Attraction and […]

Gems and Pearls

I have a saying – Life happens – when despite our best intentions; all our positive thoughts; the monitoring of emotions and all the other things we do to create what we want – something doesn’t manifest quite as we expect it to.  I’m sure all of you can relate to this! ‘Life happened to […]

Conscious Creation

I am always so pleased with myself when I create (that is deliberately and consciously set my mind on creating) a parking place just where I want it! Although I’ve been doing this for years, it still gives me a buzz when I drive up to the appointed place, someone drives out of a parking, […]

Passion and Purpose

What’s your purpose in life – do you know? Have you choose it yet? That’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? Had you thought that your passion is your purpose in life? Did you realise you can actually choose your own path in life, choose your purpose? But that’s how it must be. Your purpose in […]