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Mind the Gap

At some of the London Underground Tube stations there is a gap between the train and the platform. And a recorded voice booms out ‘Mind the Gap’! This is good advice so you don’t slip between the platform and the train, but also when consciously creating with the Law of Attraction. At one of my […]


Yesterday I had cause to think about how it is that sometimes we only see what we expect to see or hear.  Let me tell you a story about what my daughter refers to as ‘Man-looking’.  Her husband calls from the kitchen “where’s the marmalade?”  She replies from the lounge “in the cupboard, where it […]

Instant Answers

This morning I’ve spent a considerable time going through an automated telephone response system in an attempt to find someone to help me. Eventually I found ‘Customer Options’ which was the most helpful option I encountered. A lady with the very nice automated ‘British Telecom voice’ said to me “you have to queue to get […]

Tea and philosophy

Tea and philosophy Welcome.  Come on in.  I’m delighted you can join me in my musings about God, life and everything; and very particularly, the Law of Attraction – which is everything! This blog site is the result of a seed that was sown in a discussion over coffee, with some friends.  Seeds sown with […]

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