Intention Overcomes Fear

The power of Intention is so strong that it overcomes fear.  It can give you the strength to move ‘heaven and earth’ to become who you want to be, do all you want to do and have the life-style you dream of living.

Today is the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the astrological calendar.  Today really is a good day for you to make a the decision to set an intention for a new beginning.

What is Intention? 

Your intention goes hand in hand with the vision you have for yourself, your life and for the world.

There is great power in setting your intention.  When you set your intention, you’re making more than a statement – you’re making a declaration – like a marriage vow.  Your intention, once set, becomes part of your mind-set, and the universe goes to extraordinary lengths to bring you what you want.

Setting your intention comes from your vision and uses your imagination. It calls forth images or words that define what you want to create in your life.  It’ll summon events, people and resources to you, through your thoughts, senses, imaginings and the spoken word.

Why don’t we set an intention

One reason is that we live in a rush and hurry-up world, and somehow intention becomes just  ‘another thing to put on my To-Do list’.  There just isn’t time.

We seem to set quick intentions to get what we think is missing in our lives, in a rather ‘throw-away’ fashion.

I want a new relationship – make it a really dishy looking man/woman, preferably with a Gold Card.
I want a new car – a small BMW will do just fine.
I want a new job – one that pays me a lot of money

There, that’s my intentions set!  Now universe please deliver the goods – by tomorrow if you don’t mind”.

Those throw-away wishes are not really intentions.  There was no careful thought and searching behind them.  There was no process to gain clarity on your vision and no definite decision that this was what you wanted in your life. And more importantly – there was no deciding that this was who you want to be.

A good way to ground your Intention is with a Vision Board.

Who do you want to become

Intention is a calling from the soul to fulfil your vision.  You need to be very clear on where you’re going.  It also involves commitment and sometimes trepidation too, as you know that you’ll be called to become something more than you are now.

Intention is not just about getting the BMW, it’s about the energy of the BMW and becoming someone who has the energy to attract it.

Intention overcomes fear

The second reason we don’t set an intention is because it’s scary. When you decide, and make that decision from clarity, with commitment, you’ll be flooded with fears.  Self-Doubt doesn’t just creep in, it rushes in like a tsunami!

How on earth are you going to become someone who lives the life you’re dream about when you have no feelings of worth or self-belief.  How can you possibly create such a life?

You can do it!   But it takes time for the universe to move things around the huge chess board in the sky.  It also takes take for you to begin to uncover your value and worth. (You’ll notice that I said ‘uncover’ – that’s because you already have worth – you just don’t know it yet).

It takes time for you to grow into becoming
the person who can have the amazing life of your dreams.

How do I know this?  Because I’m already doing it.  Does it mean that I can now go and sit on the beach and drink Pina Colada?  I could if I wanted to – but – now I have deeper clarity, and a richer vision and have set new intentions and have so many good things to look forward to.  The beach can wait!

Over to you

I love to hear from you, so if you have any thoughts on Intention, please leave them in the Comment box below the blog.  I enjoy reading what you have to say.  Thank you.

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