Can Bach Flowers help with Fibromyalgia?

Someone in my Facebook Bach Flower group asked if these amazing remedies could help with chronic Fibromyalgia.  Yes, they can, but please remember that Bach Flower Remedies heal and soothe our painful feelings and don’t deal with physical complaints at all.Please also remember that when using Bach Flower Remedies, you treat the patient and not the disease.  So the remedies I’m suggesting here might not suit everyone with this very debilitating disease.

I asked what symptoms were involved.  This is what she said …

“My whole body is racked with chronic, intense pain. I feel weak and exhausted and I cry at everything.  I’m frustrated because I don’t have the energy to do anything.  I feel hopeless, xhausted and I’m deparately lonely.”   Everything, even simple things like going to the bathroom is difficult and exhausts me.”

The simple answer to this question is -Yes, the Bach Flower Remedies can help with all those feelings.   For ease of writing, I’m going to write as if you have these symptoms …

(These Bach Flower Guides are a useful assert in helping you chose the best remedies to suit you).

Too much to bear

Cherry Plum.  One February, Edward Bach had a severe sinus infection and the pain was so severe, he described it as being “more than he could bear” and he feared he would lose control of his mind,  so intense was the pain. So he went looking for a remedy to help him.  Cherry Plum was in flower at that time and he was drawn to it, so he made the remedy and within hours the pain had gone.

For the continual pain that is so intense you feel you can bear it no longer, use Cherry Plum.

This disease has a major impact on the lives of sufferers and their families. It limits your activities and prevents you doing even the simple things in life we all take for granted like doing the housework, walking the dog or going shopping.  In fact, everything that involves walking is restricted.


Impatiens will help the feelings of frustration at being unable to do the things you need to do and the things you enjoy doing.

As it’s painful to walk, you won’t be able to go out much so don’t meet up with friends, so you can become very lonely.  You’re also isolated and sad with the intensity of pain, which often makes you weepy.

Other remedies

Star of Bethlehem is the remedy for sadness, shock and trauma and will help with your weepy feelings when you’re overwhelmed by sadness.

Sweet Chestnut is another remedy that could help with the intensity of pain when it drives you to feeling that you really can’t cope with any more.

Gorse.  The golden blossoms of Gorse take away your despair of getting better and bring you hope.

Olive is the remedy for exhaustion and fatigue from a prolonged illness.   This is the remedy that is going to make a big difference as it’s going to easy general fatigue.

Hornbeam is often said to be for the “Monday morning feeling” when you think you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.  But Hornbeam is also for lack of motivation for work.

Rescue Remedy.  3 of the remedies (Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem) that could help with how you feel in this illness are in Rescue Remedy. 

How to take the remedies.

If you have a Treatment Bottle (brown 30 ml glass bottle with a dropper): fill the Treatment Bottle to the shoulder with spring or filtered water.  To that bottle add …Rescue Remedy 2 drops.Sweet Chestnut, Gorse and Olive add 2 drops of each.Then take 4 drops from the Treatment Bottle, either directly on the tongue (don’t let the dropper touch your tongue), but it’s more effective if you put 4 drops into a small glass of water, sip it every 30 minutes or so throughout the day, and if you wake in the night.   (Frequency is more important that doseage).

If you don’t have a Treatment Bottle, make up the mixture in a small glass of water each day and sip from that every 30 minutes or so, throughout the day.

Edward Bach observed that all disease starts in the emotions.  The remedies above will help alleviate the feelings that come from the symptoms of the disease.  However, if you’d like to possibly find the emotional cause of the disease, this can be done in a Bach Flower Consultation.

Over to you

I know you may not have this disease or even know anyone who does but reading the blog will help you understand how to choose the most effective remedies to help in chronic situations.

As always, I love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment Box below the blog.  Thank you.

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Rose Todd

  • Bego says:

    My sister is off sick at the moment awaiting formal diagnosis from her consultant but she has all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. No doubt she will find your blog very helpful. Thank you Rose!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Bego. Good to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear that your sister is not well.
      Have you forwarded her the link to the blog?
      If she has any of these symptoms, then she doesn’t have to wait for the diagnosis to take the remedies. She can start taking them straight away. I hope they bring her some relief.
      Best wishes Bego. Rose

  • kate jasmine says:

    hello rose
    how could i contact you regarding a flower consultation

  • Samantha J Stoner says:

    I’m an unfortunate patient with Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed at 23 years of age. Regular medicines worked until all of the sudden, I was hallucinating to the point where I was in the hospital twice, almost faced with death once. I’ve had to throw both away, so now I’m unable to sleep because my body feels like a lava rock turning from molten to solid and I can’t bear it. I’m scared of prescriptions as this point and need to know more about these types of treatments. I’m still in my twenties (I’m 27), I don’t want my life being ruined by how much severe pain I’m in every day or how I can’t get sleep at all. I’d love to know what is the best remedy for the situation and be sure it won’t send me back to the ER. Thank you <3

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Samantha. Thank you for writing in. And thank you too for your interest in the Bach Flower Remedies. I’m sorry to hear about your illness and the effect of the drugs. But glad that it’s brought you to looking at natural methods of healing.
      The Bach Flower Remedies is an extremely powerful system of healing. They heal and soothe negative emotions. The remedies treat the patient, not the disease, so we don’t consider the name of the disease or its physical symptoms, as you will have gathered from the blog on Fibromyalgia. To be able to find you remedies that could help you, we’d need to look at how those symptoms make you feel.
      i wish it were as easy as one remedy for one feeling or disease. But it isn’t. We humans are complex emotional beings and are a blend of various emotions and feelings. To be able to help you, I would have to know how you feel, and a lot about what was going on in your life about the time you got this disease.
      I’m sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for, but it is the only answer I can give you.
      Bach Remedies is an extremely powerful method of healing, and, if you wanted to use the remedies to help you, the I would recommend one or two options.
      I would recommend a series of consultations and studying a course in the remedies. Whether you do both with me or another, I think using the Bach Flowers could be a good way forward for you.
      If you’d like to get in touch personally, please email me on [email protected]. I’m here to help. Much love Samantha. Rose

  • Anand says:

    Thank you Rose for the nice blog. After the futility of the main stream allopathy for fibromyalgia I was drawn to alternate healing esp homeopathy and bach flower. Hpathy I felt the learning curve is too steep and didn’t really find good hpaths after failure I started looking at BFR and was inspired because they atleast seemed simple to understand.
    I am a novice and was skeptical to begin with but I felt it does have some shift on the emotional plane after experimenting with them for last month and half.
    In the above article I read SoB, cherry plum, impatiens as part of RR but I read that RR needs to be viewed as an independent remedy and if 2 or 3 of its constituents are required then to use them independently rather than using RR as a substitute. Can you please confirm if this is the right understanding.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Anand. Thank you for your comment on the Fibromyalgia blog. Bach Flower Remedies is an extremely powerful emotional healing system – with only 38 remedies. And it is simple, but sometimes it can be tricky to find the most effective remedies.
      You ask specifically about Rescue Remedy. There are no ‘hard and fast’; rules for the use of the remedies. I do my best to follow Edward Bach’s suggestions. However, its not always easy.
      And different people have found it works better sometimes this way – or sometimes that way.
      Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 different remedies, that when mix together become a ‘remedy’ in its own right.
      Bach suggested we mix no more than 6 remedies together, and Rescue Remedy can be 1 of those 6.
      The thing that always guides me when chosing remedies, is the intensity of the emotions. I always prescribe for the 6 most intense emotions that I can see ‘Now’ – in this moment. We know that the past creates a lot of our present moment, so there is no need to particularlly look at the past. If it needs healing it’ll be showing up Now – in the present moment – to be healed.
      So, if I find that my client needs several of the remedies of Rescue Remedy, and they need 5 other remedies, then I’ll add Rescue as the 6th remedy
      Also – if I feel the client has been through a crisis and needs to be “stuck back together again” – then I use Rescue Remedy for that reason only.
      However, if some of the most intense emotions of the client are in Rescue Remedy, then I might just use say, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose as single remedies.
      As I say, I chose remedies for the 6 most intense feelings, but for example, if my client has just suffered a sudden, tragic bereavement and is now having panic attacks – I might disregard all the other feelings and give them only Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose. Because as the shock and the grief heal, and she’s able to deal with the panic attacks, then a lot of the ‘secondary’ feelings will disappear as a result of healing the cause.
      I do hope I’ve explained clearly. It’s a little difficult, because it comes down not only the intensity of the feelings of the client, but also to the perosnal experience and perception of the practitioner that’s giving the remedies.
      If this isn’t helpful, please get back to me, and I’ll try and be clearer. Take care. Rose
      (PS – in case you haven’t seen this, you might find it interesting …

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