Manifestation. You Are Much More Powerful Than You Know.

You’re so much more powerful than you know.

You are a mighty and powerful creator

You have the power within you that creates worlds! You have created your life, whether you like it or not – it is all of your creation!

And the main purpose of life is to ….

bring our imaginings (our dreams and visions) out of our head,
put them into our heart (where they are infused with love)
and then express them through our personality.

And we do this, for the fun and joy of creating. And we can live a successful, happy and fulfilling life.  Conscious creating success is the most spiritual thing you can do.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of information around on manifestation available. And have you found that you don’t often manifest what you really want and so you given up trying?

You get disappointed and discouraged hen things don’t manifest for you. What self-worth you had takes a bad knock and it drains your self-confidence – because, at some level, you know you  can do it.  There is something deep within you that knows that you’re a powerful creator.

So, what to do about it?
For me understanding how things work gives me a good foundation then I can start to work with the tools and strategies that I know work so well for me.

Thoughts and Feelings


Thoughts and feelings are the beginning of the creation process.  In fact, they are the beginning of everything.

If you’ve been reading my work for a while you know that thoughts and feelings go together – you can’t have one without the other – and you’ll know that how you feel is everything. I’ve noticed that some Law of Attraction teachers give you different ways to change your thoughts – and that’s good. Successful manifestation is all about changing your belief system.   And you can do this by changing your thoughts, but I’m sure you’ve noticed, its hard to change your thoughts.

We’re not Thinking ‘machines’ that feel.
We are Feeling ‘machines’ that think!

You are first and foremost an emotional being. Everything you want: everything you do, you want and do for one reason only, and that is because you believe that having and doing it will make you feel better or happier.

Difficult to hold positive thoughts

From helping hundreds and hundreds of people, from studying hundreds of responses you’ve kindly given me in your surveys, holding positive thoughts is high on the list of the most difficult things to do.

You may do well for a couple of days and then often something small knocks you off track, and you, almost unknowingly, are back in the flow of the negative e stream of thought.

Why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard to hold positive thoughts?
It’s because we’re first and foremost emotional beings.

You’re unable to hold your positive thoughts because your negative emotions are much stronger and more intense than your thoughts. Your feelings: your hurt, pain, anger, fear, anxiety, doubt hold the thoughts in place.
(In my opinion) its much easier to change negative thoughts, when you heal and soothe negative feelings first.   {And as you may know, I use the Bach Flower Remedies to heal my negative feelings}.

You may have heard me say it before – but I’m going to say it again – just as you do the energy work first in the creation process, when you heal your emotions first, its so much easier to guide your thoughts where you want them to go.    In my coaching sessions I help you work with the tools that I always use.

Successful Manifestation

To successfully manifest all you want in the world, first you must become the person you believe would have all the things you want. Affirmations, visualisations and many other tools are available to help you change your belief about yourself and who you are.

Successful manifestation is a result of self-awareness, self-development or personal growth (whatever you choose to call it).  Creating a better life comes when you change your beliefs about who you are.

You are a powerful creator and have within you the power that creates worlds. 
Life is about becoming the best you can be so you can deliberately and consciously create and live your best life.

Proven Tools

Right from the beginning, before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction, I used to create everything I wanted in my life.  Without realising it I would go through a ‘creation’ process to help me focus my mind and to help me manifest what I wanted.  I developed a System of Manifestation and I started to work with the tools that I knew worked.

Now, I offer coaching to help you to change your life, whether is getting  the career or house of dreams or creating that special relationship, I’d love to work with you.  Click here to find out more about my personal 1-2-1 coaching.

Over to you 
Are you finally ready to change your life?  Are you ready to do what needs to be done?  Click here if you’d like me to work with you so you can start creating life as you want it to be?
I hope so – I look forward to working with you.

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Rose Todd

  • Helen says:

    I’m like Jekyll and Hyde, full of confidence and determination but the tiniest doubt can cripple me instantly. But am working on it, the 100 day cough is still with me, got yet another pack of antibiotics so physically it is not so easy to achieve my goals, but mentally I am beavering away…. and I have lost my appetite because of the antibiotics so have lost a lot of weight and am not too far from my desired weight, but Rose how do I persuade the universe that grateful though I am, there are gentler ways of fulfilling my wishes….

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Helen. Thank you for leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been well and that your recovery is slow. That’s enough to drag anyone down. So well done on keeping going with your positive thoughts at least some of the time.
      You’ve asked… “how do I persuade the universe that grateful though I am, there are gentler ways of fulfilling my wishes….”
      I’m afraid the law of attraction makes no judgements, it only responds to your dominent thoughts and feelings. You’re always creating more of what you’re feeling for 55% of the day.
      So when you have your ‘down days, keep your affirmations more ‘general’. Say things like All is well. Eveything is always working out for me. Simple and general statements are positive and do slowly change the way you feel.
      I hope you feel better very soon.
      Warm wishes. Rose.

      • Krishna says:

        This works like wow

        Really great
        Thank you Rose

        • Rose Todd says:

          Thank you Krishna. When you know how the universe works – and then you work it – its very WOW, isn’t it!
          Glad all is well. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    Coucou Rose
    So many good things in my Life and of course this wonderful relationship with a gentle gentleman
    Dark room very almost ready for working in .

    Everything moving in the desired direction

    Looking forward to participating with opening wildlife corridors
    Thank you so very much for everything Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krishna. I’m glad to hear that your dark room is nearly ready for use.
      And of course, delighted to hear about your wonderful remationship.
      Hold the resonance of the Animal Corridors – and hopefully they’ll soon come about too.
      Keep up the good work. Rose

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