2 Vital Elements to Creating Happiness and Success

Sometimes when you give a book a second read, or when you hear something you’ve heard before, but told in a different way, it means much more to you.  Today, I’m talking about Feelings and Intention.

I often tell you the same things in a slightly different way, just in case you can see things differently and understand more fully on this read.

The two basic elements that I believe are the foundation of consistently creating happiness and success:

Feelings and Intention


I wish there was a way to could let you know how important your feelings are. As child were your feelings brushed aside?  Perhaps you were told you were being silly.  Or perhaps you were told your feelings didn’t matter.

That is so far from the truth!  You are important. You have value and your feelings do count – to you especially and to others too.

Your feelings are important for several reasons…

  • Emotions are the well of your creativity. Your emotions are the creative power that’s creating your life either by the default system in your subconscious mind or by the choices you make when you direct your thoughts.
  • When I say our feelings are everything I really mean it!  Every thought and feeling you have is manifesting something in your life – in every moment!
  • Feelings are the language of the soul.  Your soul talks to you through your feelings.  When you’re feeling happy and satisfied, then know you’re on the same vibration as your soul and their loving energy is flowing to you and through you.
  • Your feelings are also your ‘indicatoras to whether you’re on the right path or not.  And in light of the above paragraph – this is really very easy.
    If you don’t like how you feel – not on the right path.
    If you love how you feel – you’re walking the path of your soul; the path of meaning and purpose.

Your feelings are your creative power, your connection to your soul and the indicator of how you’re doing in life!  Everything is about emotions.  Feelings Rule!


There is great power in setting your intention.  intention gives you Clarity and Direction

Have you noticed that your mind is always busy? It’s always chattering away to you – unless you’re meditating or sleeping.

It’s always fliting from one thing to another. Your mind is always busy, and it loves to have something to focus on. So give it a positive intention to focus on.

We all start on the road of the Law of Attraction wanting to ‘use it’ to get us out of a muddle and to manifest the opposite of what’s going on in our lives.  For example; if you’ve got money problems, you want the Law of Attraction to bring you more money (often without you having to work for it!).  If that’s you – how’s that working out for you?

If you set your intention to be financially secure and hold that intention by making it so important in your life that there is no other option – then the Universe will do its part and provide you with the ideas and opportunities to achieve financial freedom.  And then you’ve got to do your part and take actions that you’re inspired to take.

But if you can set your Intention on something beyond getting out of your muddle, now that’s a different story!  That intention takes on a whole new power, because now you’re looking at the purpose of your life: asking “how can I use my gifts and talents in the services of others – for the greater good of all”.
That really is walking the path of your soul.

Becoming the best you can be

To do all this, you must change.  You’re changing everyday anyway, but now you can choose to direct your own personal growth.  When Oprah Winfrey was about 14 years old, she made a decision that affected her whole life.  She decided that everyday she was going to be the best she could be.   And look how the universe responded to that!

But back to how you can get out of the situation that’s causing you pain.  I know it’s really difficult for you, but you are the one that needs to change first.  And that’s so difficult to accept and do!

Manifestation is the process of bringing your inner world of thoughts and feeling into your outer, physical world.  There are various ways of helping you change your thoughts and feelings so that you can become the best you can be.

I’m hosting a regular webinar  to help you get to grips with how you can create a life you love waking up to.  I’ll be telling you about the 2 most effective and powerful tools I’ve been using for decades and will be giving you a fail-safe strategy.  And when you stick to it, you’ll be able to see your life changing, first in small ways, and then in bigger ways.

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