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Self Doubt Limiting Your Life? – 4 Tips to Self Confidence

Is your life plagued by self doubt? Would you like to overcome your doubts and replace them with confidence? Over the years I’ve often thought about what makes the difference between achieving success and not reaching your goals and I’ve come to the conclusion that the dividing line is self belief. Those that succeed believe […]

A True Story of Transformation

I seem to have been writing about negativity a lot lately.  I’m tired of it and I’m sure you are too.  So I’m going to focus on the positive today.  Let’s talk about positive living. Positive living is more than just positive thinking.  It’s more than ‘thinking positive’ during a crisis or when you’re troubled.  […]

What’s in Bach Rescue Remedy?

“Oh, I’ve tried Rescue Remedy – and it didn’t work for me? I don’t often hear this, but when I do, I am firmly told, “Rescue Remedy doesn’t work for  me” and the implication is that they wouldn’t waste their time trying it again. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed in the results of Rescue Remedy. Simple […]

The Power Of Letting Go

The energy of spring is with us. The bright faces of daffodils are everywhere. Some trees are in flower and some will soon be bursting with new, soft pale green leaves.  There are signs of renewed energy everywhere! This is the signal for us to spring clean and start throwing away the unused and unwanted […]

Are You Living A Myth Or Your Dream?

The 3 Myths of the Law of Attraction Your dreams are too important to put on the back burner.  Perhaps you’ve tried to create something amazing and although you’ve done all the right things, it still hasn’t worked. This could be because you’re working from ‘ misplaced ‘truths’. A myth is a story that generally […]