The Law of Attraction and Money Matters

Life is good.  It gives us all that we need.  It shows us what we are creating and at the same time it sparks our dreams and desires.

It shows us where we are, what needs to change and in the same moment, it gives us glimpses of where we can go next.  To deliver all that in an instant, is pretty nifty isn’t it?

A long time ago, before I knew what I know now, I used to say it takes me three times to experience something before I recognise that what I’ve been doing didn’t work.

The first time something didn’t work as I wanted it to work, I would just pass it off as ‘that’s life’.

The second time, I would think ‘I’m sure that’s happened before’.

And the third time, I would be rather annoyed with myself – ‘that’s the third time I’ve done that!’

It seems to take me three times to experience something to recognise what I’ve been doing and to know that something needs to change.

law-of-attraction-and-moneySo, here am I, trundling along, as happy as a bunny, doing the work you know I do; going to visit my family and doing the general things of life and thinking ‘life is good’.

And then, this week I’ve had three ‘financial knocks’. Three in one week! That’s ‘in your face’ stuff and that shocked me!

There is obviously some belief going on that needs attention – fast!


So – it’s time to go back to basics! I’ve typed out some well-chosen, appropriate affirmations.

I’ve got a copy by my bed to read first thing in the morning, a copy in my office to read occasional throughout the day and I’ve put a copy on the wall behind the kettle, to read while I wait for it to boil.

When I say the affirmations, I feel as if I already have all the money I could possibly want.

I become the Me that is already wealthy.

You know that feelings are everything – so how does that feel to me?

I feel very confident and empowered with a sense of freedom. It’s the confident feeling you get when you know and expect something to happen.

I’ve become the person I’ve described in my affirmations.

I’m inspired to take action – and hopefully, in the coming months, you’ll see some of the results of the action!

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Rose Todd

  • Judy Sharp says:

    I’ve gone back to basics on this too, Rose. I’ve got a list up on my fridge of things waiting to be paid, and I have ticked them all off with big “PAID” alongside, and a “thank you” and a heart underneath. Like you, whenever I look at that, I can connect with the feeling that yes, they have all been paid, it is all on the way. Keep up the good work!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy. Thanks for this comment too. I think going back to basics occasionally does us all good. I always used to put pictures on the fridge of what we want to create, before I knew any of what I know now. It is very satisfying to tick something off, isn’t it. best wishes

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