Law of Attraction and Clarity

Spring sunrise (2)The dawn mist filled the vale of the South Field.  It seemed to roll gently up the hill on the far side of the field.  The tops of the trees in the small copse to the left were faintly visible through the mist but the neat rows of young plants, who had only recently pushed their heads out into the spring sunshine, were blanketed in mist.
The sun had risen but it seemed reluctant to get going this morning. Then slowly and surely, it began its day, spreading light and warmth over the land. And the mist began, just as slowly and surely, to lift.

As the sun rose and the slight breeze nudged the clouds into action, the mist cleared and the South Field was bathed in the light of a new day.  Now I could clearly see the copse and the foot-path through the centre of the field that lead to the local school: the hedges and the neat stripes of seedlings that made the field look like a green carpet. 

 I sat with my morning tea and watched the mist lift, slowly giving me a totally different perspective on what I was looking at. 

The mist lifted, just like lifting a veil, bringing clarity to the rural scene and my mind wandered to a story someone had told me about how they lived in the fog of depression for years: how it would come out of nowhere and suddenly descend like a black cloud and then just as suddenly lift – just like the mist in the vale lifting with the warmth and light of the sun.

 Again my thoughts wandered to how our lives were just the same.

We all know we create our own lives with our thoughts and feelings: and how our habitual thoughts become our belief system which runs our lives and continues to do so – until we make a different choice.

It could be said that our belief system (which was given to us by others and doesn’t really work well in life) is really just like layers of mist that lie over our view of reality, giving us a distorted and restricted view of life.

 But how do we recognise that the mist is just a veil?  Can we lift it consciously? Can we give the Law of Attraction happier, more positive beliefs to work with?  I know we can.

For me understanding shines a light on a subject. When I know how something works, so many things become clear – literary – the mist clears: the veil lifts. 

When we understand how we create our lives: when we understand that in every moment we are being offered a choice and that we can make a different conscious choice of what feels better – the mist will clear.  And we can consciously begin to peel back the layers, exposing the real view of life that was there all the time.

Choice brings change. Your life is a result of your thoughts and feelings and the decisions you make – and the law of attraction is the delivery van.

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