Law of Attraction, Happiness Now

Are you waiting for something ‘better’ or ‘more’ to happen in life?

Do you feel that when you get your new job, the bigger house or a loving relationship, then you’ll happy?

I often am.

Sometimes it seems as if I’m more ‘dissatisfied’ than I am ‘satisfied’ – always sure that when I had reached the next goal, then my happiness would be complete.

When I think back to days gone by, I was dissatisfied then and wanted what I now have.

But now the goal posts seem to have moved again and I now want something more.

We constantly move the goal posts in our lives. What we want; what we are constantly searching for is an ideal.

It is absolutely vital to constantly reach for your ideal because it keeps you moving and gives life purpose. And the nature of an ideal is just that, it is an idea and it can never be achieved.

In fact, quite simply, we’re always reaching for happiness.

So the moral of this morning’s chatter – is that waiting for something better to come along to make you happy is a fool’s errand.

The answer is still to plot and plan for something better to come into your life – that’s not the problem.

But waiting for that ideal situation to happen before you are happy with life is a non-starter.

It’s not the ‘stuff’ of life that makes us happy.

Don’t misunderstand me: we love the ‘stuff’ of life. But it’s our mind-set about life that controls our happiness.


One of the tricks to a happy life is to be happy now with what you have. That is one of the best tip ever.

Do this and it will change your life! (Pharell Williams has the right idea!)


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