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I love some of the TV adverts. Sometimes they are more interesting than the programmes and come are packed with my kind of philosophy.

Let me tell you about an advert for a luxury car. This advert is almost in black and white – or rather it’s in different shade of grey.

Imagine. In the pre-dawn light, a beautiful, dark, sleek car moves silently along a coastal road. The music is soft and alluring. Feelings of perfection, luxury and freedom ooze from the screen. A silky voice says, ‘We don’t make cars. We create emotions’.

Remember, we’re all about emotions.

We don’t buy a car for all its specifications, although they’re important, we buy it for the feelings it’ll give us. We buy it for its reliability and therefore the security it gives us. Or, we buy it to give us a sense of perfection, freedom and luxury.

At the moment one of the banks is running a jolly advert, with a jolly song, of a man doing special things for his family, but under strained circumstances.

The last line of the song is “Whatever I do, I’ll make the most of it”. If we all lived this piece of philosophy every day, our lives, and our world would be totally different.

It seems that the philosophy of today’s blogs is coming via a string of quotes I’ve strung together. But they’re things that took my fancy and carry a valuable message.

aw-of-attraction-happiness-1We know we live in the Now moment (or at least we try to – and hopefully, it is one of your morning affirmations). Eckhart Tolle says if you miss the Moment, you miss everything.

There is only this Now moment.
And we know how important our feelings are.

So, in very simple terms, we have two choice in this moment Now – to  feel unhappy or happy? Is there really a choice? I don’t think so.

aw-of-attraction-happiness-2And last one and this is oh so important, that I’ve ‘saved the best for last’.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, or have had any personal contact with me, you know that I’m not often at a loss for words.

I’m not at a loss for words now but I don’t feel there is anything more I can add.   So I won’t.

(Oh dear – I’m afraid I’ve just got to have the last word!)

Happiness is a result of how you’ve chosen to look at life.

If you’re not happy – choose to view life from a different perspective.

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