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rose-todd-abundanceYou know that you create your own reality.

Apart from me telling you, you’ve read The Secret and other books; watched talks on You Tube and read about manifestation.

Yes, you know you can create everything you want in life. You’ve even created some wonderful stuff and yet, sometimes, somehow, some things don’t manifest.


Perhaps your focus has been fuzzy lately. Does it seem as if, once again, as if you’ve been swallowed up in daily life and all your scripting, affirmations and visualisations have gone by the way-side.

If so – let’s get back into a routine and let’s get them moving again.

Why do we let our dreams get pushed aside? I can think of two reasons:

The first is that we let life take over and secondly, although we know what we have to do – we just don’t do it!

There are any number of people telling you how to change your life – but you’re the one who has to do it! And that’s the problem!

At the moment I’m in correspondence about giving a presentation to a group in the south of England. The organiser has asked specifically that I give the group some tips and tools of manifestation. So I’ve been thinking about this and decided to share some of my thoughts with you.

Here’s Tip # 1.

We all live life by rote and ritual. You might not be aware of this, but you do. Just think about your morning ritual: you do the same thing every morning. We really do live by rituals and it’s quite difficult to change them.

You need to establish a new ritual or add your programming to your present morning ritual.

This is what needs to be done to change your life. It necessary to creating the future you want to live. Aren’t you and your future worth building a 30 minutes space into your day? Perhaps with 5 minutes here and there to run through your affirmations? (If you’ve answered NO – please get yourself another goal as this one is not strong enough).

When I have a ritual, I get far more done – even if it is boring to do the same thing every morning. It works.

Your scripting, affirmations and visualisations have to become a ritual. Don’t write the same thing over and over, like lines at school – write a new bit of your life each morning, make it interesting and keep the excitement alive.

Tip #2.

I have a short security/money/abundance ritual I do each morning when I walk into my office. It takes 2 minutes (I‘ve timed it).

When I do it regularly, I can see the changes within 5 days.

Life flows and money does come from expected and unexpected sources (that’s one of my affirmations).

In fact, having done this visualisation two or three times today, to make the recording, a new client has booked a consultation. Talk about instant manifestation!

Try it and let me know how you get on – As a gift I have recorded it for you to use!

Simply Right Click here to download this free short security/money/abundance visualisation

Warmest wishes Rose


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