Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks

I was listening to one of Abraham- Hick’s latest downloads and I picked up on something interesting.

They were saying, that we can have 10 projects on the go (that might seem a lot, but I bet if you got yourself a cup of tea and made a list, you probably have 10 things on the go) – and that if 9 are going well, but 1 isn’t, we get so caught up in the 1 that isn’t and it’ll affect the 9 that are doing really well.

On the other hand, we can have 10 projects on the go, 1 of them is doing really well and 9 of them are floundering, and if our focus is on the 9 that aren’t doing well, then that is going to have a seriously, negative affect the project that’s going well.

Why is this?

And, as I’m sure you know, I have a story to tell.

Rose-Lavender-FieldAt the weekend I took my daughter and daughter-in-law on a surprise visit to a local lavender farm. It was a beautifully hot day – the first almost-cloudless day in nearly a week.

The sun shone all morning and into the late afternoon too, before the dark rain clouds made their presence felt.

We walked slowly up the rows, pushing our way gently through the lavender bushes. The scent from the flowers filled the air. The gentle buzz of bumble bees, too busy collecting lunch to be bothered with us, gave it a very rural feeling.

There was a huge crowd at the farm, but the scent of lavender was weaving its magic and bestowing peace on everyone.

Clutching the bags of lavender we’d picked, we headed for the café – time for afternoon tea and cake. We chose to sit outside in the shade. The tea and cake arrived – and so did a wasp!

Well, it might have been two wasps taking it in turns to dive into our cake!

Rose-with-hatFortunately I’d taken a big straw sun hat which turned out to be an excellent wasp-waft-er and we kept the wasp as bay.

Although the girls were not fond of wasps, (they do have a very painful sting) the 15 minutes of keeping them at bay did not spoil the peace of our lovely day.

We could have focused on the wasp completely and let that 1 ‘negative’ thing spoil the 9 lovely things about our happy day.

But we didn’t!

Don’t let what’s you think is going wrong in your life, affect what you’ve got right!

I am giving an evening talk on the works of Abraham-Hicks next month in Herts  – I have made a video to explain all to you!

Click here for more information on my Abraham-Hicks Talk and how it will help you

See you soon



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