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“I can’t make up my mind.  I can’t make a decision”.   Indecision is so difficult to live with!  If you’re familiar with these feeling, then you’ll know it brings its own brand of anxiety because your mind seems to be on a seesaw.  I’m not talking about small everyday decisions you make without giving them much thought. No.  You’ve seemed to have got those down OK.


It’s not even making big decisions that’s the problem for Scleranthus.

The problem lies in deciding between two choices.  “Shall I marry Bob, who wants to live in a cottage with roses around the door – or shall I marry Bill who has a Porsche and wants to emigrate to Australia!”

If you’re in a Scleranthus state, you just can’t make up your mind, no matter how simple it seems to others – you just can’t do it.

Can’t make up your mind

Ben was in love!  Nothing particularly special in that you might think.  But Ben was in love with Sue and Sandra at the same time.  He loved the Sue’s soft and kind nature.  All she wanted in life was to have a cottage and a family and she would be happy – and he loved Sue dearly.

On the other hand Sandra was great fun!  When they were together Ben was filled with enthusiasm for life.  They visited interesting places and met interesting people.  When Ben was with Sandra, he was completely in love.

But they had given him an ultimatum.  He had to chose one or the other – or he would loose them both!  His mind was in a continual whirl. He couldn’t choose.  His thoughts swung one way and the other and so did his mood too.   He was laughing and joking one moment he was in despair .   Poor Ben felt as if he was living on a seesaw.

When I worked as a homoeopath in Dubai, one of my patients could never decide whether she was ‘sick enough’ to come and see me or not.  I never really understood this, until I realised that she needed Scleranthus.

Feeling stuck and lost

There’s the alternating states of Scleranthus.  How can you feel stuck and lost at the same time?  If you feel stuck then you know where you are.  When you’re lost, you don’t know where you are.

Perhaps it’ll all make sense if I say if you needed Scleranthus you’d feel directionless.  You’d feel stuck where you are because you can’t make the decision which way to go.

The essence of Scleranthus

The essence of Scleranthus is balance and being steadfast.  Those needing Scleranthus are limited in their vision and don’t have a strong connection to their intuition.  They try to make their decisions based on their intellect.

Bach called intuition ‘the voice of the soul’.  When Scleranthus folk need to make a choice, they can’t hear the voice of their intuition.  Without soul guidance, it is impossible to make an informed choice about anything.  We can’t tell whether something is good for us, what is right or wrong, if we have no link through to who we are.

Over to you.

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