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In the northern hemisphere, the summer holidays are drawing to a close.  You’ve probably done everything on your Summer Holiday list and now both you and the children are getting fractious.  Would you like help so the remains of the holiday is stress free?

The long summer holiday is eagerly awaited,with excited anticipation by the children – and possibly with the feelings of dread and trepidation by the mums who are constantly thinking – “what on earth am I going to do with them for 6 weeks?”

A cry for help

I’ve had a cry of help from a couple of mums on my Facebook Bach Flower Facebook Group, asking which Bach Flower Remedies will help as the “kids are bickering and fighting like crazy.  Please help”!

I’ve chosen some remedies to help you, but perhaps you’d like to have a look at these free Bach Flower Guides and choose some that suit you and your family peronally.

Bach Flower Remedy Guides

“Bickering and fighting like crazy”

To keep the children happy and smooth (most of the time) so everyone has a happy holiday (including Mum), I would recommend you choose the most appropriate of these remedies.   These remedies will help parents as well as children.

When you’re in need of  Impatiens you’re deinitely not a ‘team player’.  If the children are cross when the others don’t want to play the game their way, or when things don’t happen fast enough them – (nothing ever happens fast enough for a child) and  they snap back when spoken too, you’ll find Impatiens makes a world of difference.  If you only have Rescue Remedy, you can use that as it contains Impatiens.   (If using Rescue Remedy,  use 4 drops).

Beech is the remedy when you or the children are irritable and intolerant.  If they criticise what the other children are doing and how they’re playing the game then Beech will make a big difference to them.  Those in need of Beech are inclined to focus on what is ‘wrong’ in  others and correct them. They’re intolerant and want things done their way.

Holly is for sudden those out bursts of anger that can become violent. They’ll have a full blown tantrum when asked to share, or to do something they don’t want to do. They’re jealous of their own toys and very definitely won’t share their own toys.  They get  angry when others want to play with their toys.  But they’ll be very happy to play with the other children’s toys.

Willow  “Its  not fair” is the cry of those who need Willow. and it’ll help adults too, who tell the story about ‘look what they have done to me!”.  It’s also good for the child that’s been bullied by the others.  So when your child comes running to tell an “it’s not fair” story,  Willow will work wonders – (as all the remedies do).

Vine. If one of the children is obviously a leader but can sometimes turn into a dictator and makes the other children do what he/she wants – then Vine will do a lot of good. (Vine is good for the child doing the ‘bullying’.  Bullying is about about ‘control and power over …. ‘).

Vervain.  This remedy is for when the children get over excited and you know that its going to end in tears.  Give Verain (2 drops in water or their drink) will bring down the excitement levels.  This is a must to help excited little people (and big ones too) slow down so they fall asleep easily.

How to take the Remedies

Please don’t put remedy drops straight on the children’s tongue.  
It’s not fair on the children.  The remedies are preserved in brandy and brandy has a strong and a horrid  taste.  It’s a shock for children.  Please put the remedies in water, or in their juice.  Remedies taken in water are equally as effective, easy to give and more cost effective.

Put  4 drops of Rescue and 2 drops of each of the chosen remedies in a glass of water, and then put a teaspoon of that water (1 dose) into their drinks.  Make sure they have a dose of their remedies at least 4 times a day – more frequently if need be.  (There are no side effects and you can’t overdose).
Click on this blog if you’d like some help on how to take the remedies.

Now over to you. 

As always, I love to hear from you, so if you’ve enjoyed the blog and found it useful, please leave a comment.  Thank you.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about this amazingly simple and natural method of healing and soothing our stressful emotions, have a look at my Bach Flower Remedy on-line course. And if you have any queries, please get in touch.

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Rose Todd

  • Angela says:

    I only have 1 small child to contend with during the holidays but I think this is brilliant, thank you. I will be sharing it with my friends x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Angela. Thank you for leaving a comment. Even one small child can get irritable and grumpy on their own – so Impatiens would help.
      Thank you for passing it on to your friends. I appreciate it.
      Take care. Rose

  • Sara Mattson says:

    I have a quite a few of these on hand and can’t wait to see how they work for us. From a 4 year old up to a 14 year old I anticipate some great changes. Thanks for the blog post Rose!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sara. Good to hear from you. I’m sure they’ll make a difference. Please post what happens in the Facebook Group. We all love success stories. Stories help us remember the remedies. Thank you for the suggestion. Rose

  • Anil Bindal says:

    Hi Rose, What are the remedies for letting go of children and let god. My 29 year refuses to take any bach remedy. He frowns.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Anil. Thank you for leaving a comment. Bach Flower Remedies heal emotions and not circumstances or situations. So we take the remedies to heal our emotions and feelings Take the remedy for how you feel about your son still living at home. It might not help him leave home, but it certainly help you feel better about him living with you.
      Not everyone is so enthuistastic about the Bach Flower Remedies as you and 1, and I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
      The only think I could suggest, is perhaps you taking the remedy to help how you feel about him not taking the remedies. (It might even be the same remedy for both sitatuons! 🙂 ).
      Take care. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    very interesting Rose thank you

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Krishna. I hope all is well with you. Rose

  • Sue Cooke says:

    Thanks Rose that’s really helpful x x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Sue. Thank you/ I;m glad yuu found the blog helpful. Take care. love Rose.

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