Can Bach Flowers Heal an Angry Heart?

The other day I was asked if Bach Flower Remedies could really heal an angry heart and produce lasting change?  Just in case you can relate to this, I thought I’d share part of an email I received…

My question is – can Bach remedies produce a lasting change?

A recent incident has made me understand that I am angry – not on the surface, but underneath, a kind of latent belief waiting for the right trigger. and when I’m triggered, my anger explodes.

It’s all about the world not being fair because I “did everything that was asked of me” and still my life is not working out.  

Can Bach Flowers heal my angry heart”? 

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A deep-seated change

Yes.  The Bach Flower Remedies can and do bring about deep-seated, lasting change.  The ‘lasting change’ comes when the underlying belief that causes negative emotions is healed.   And the Bach Remedies can do that.

The momentum of our deepest beliefs keeps them continually surfacing.  In this case, anger which goes right back to childhood and has by now, got a good strong momentum going and therefore your anger shows up at slightest trigger.

We are inclined to blame our parents and teachers for our negative beliefs.  But our parents brought us up the only way they knew how (the same way they were brought up their parents) and a lot of the beliefs we were given to us by society itself.

In years gone by children were ‘controlled’ and taught with guilt, shame and punishment.  In lots of ways, they were treated unfairly.  In some way or other, this will have happened to you.  And this definitely gives the message that you are not good enough the way you are.

When doing your best is not enough

So, you do what’s expected of you; you do the best you can and still you don’t get the love you so desperately want.

But here’s the tricky thing about doing ‘what’s expected’ of you – it’s a ‘movable feast’.  You do your best, doing what you think is right, but you don’t know how the other is going to react to you this time!   It’s always changing.  You’ve no measure of what’s going to be right this time.  How are you ever going to know if you’re going to get it ‘right?

You’ve done your best and you don’t know what else to do.  And you become angry.  There’s another thing that adds to the mix, is that you probably were not allowed to be angry – so you had to swallow it: suppress it.

And yet even now, decades later, even after you thought you’d sort it all out, your still shows up, at the slightest trigger.  And the trigger is often either when you or others are being treated unfairly.

If this sounds familiar to you, then Holly is the main remedy that can help you, along with two others.


Holly is the Bach Flower Remedy you need to heal your anger whether its old anger that keeps rising up or whether its a fresh anger.

Holly feels wounded or attacked by another.

This wounding is “not only on the surface, but underneath, a kind of latent anger waiting for the right trigger”.  E. Bach.

The Holly state is very serious as it describes all kinds of strong negative emotions, which not only burn within us, but express themselves in destructive, even violent behaviour.  Holly is the remedy for violent anger, jealousy, envy, revenge and general vexation.   So you can understand that if you’re feeling any of these emotions, you’ll be suspicious of someone: not trust them.  Holly will help, heal and soothe those feelings.

The other 2 remedies that will help you are Impatiens and Beech.
Impatiens gets irritable and angry very quicky when people and events are moving too slowly.
Beech is a brillinat remedy to go with Holly and Impatiens.  If you find yourself being critcal and intolerant of the way others are doing something, thats the time to take Beech.

Anger is our reaction when we feel someone has wounded our personal sense of self.  You’ll feel invaded and can react with explosive anger and outrage.   (This is an excellent remedy to use for rape.)     

Treat the most intense emotions first

When you’re deciding which Bach Flower Remedies to take or give to another always, treat the most intense emotion you see.  That’s the starting place. Then add the other remedies you decide will help.

As the above question came from a man who is definitely on the path of personal and spiritual growth, I suggested he take Holly on its own – not because its more effective on its own, but so he’d be more aware of the changes that this one remedy brings.

If you’ll like to be able to help yourself and your family to live emotionally balances lives, I have Bach Flower Remedy On-Line Course which will help you do just that.

Rose teaches about Bach Flowers remedies in a way that is both fast and effective and that can be applied on all levels, from the physical to the spiritual. She makes the remedies easy to comprehend and easy to apply to the many different challenges one faces in day to day living. What makes Rose such a good teacher is she is out on the forefront of the frontier of energy medicine that is redefining how we understand ourselves, the universe and the healing process.
Vicky Moane
Master of Feng Shui

Over to you

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts,
comments and questions in the Comment box below and I’ll get back to you .

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Rose Todd

  • James Thomas says:

    I’m wondering if the average person can learn how to pick the right Bach Flower Remedies that will get them great results in their mental, emotional and physical health — or is it best to use experts that have been studying and using BFR for years or decades?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello James. Thank you for your comment.
      I always prescribe the remedy for the most intense emotions at the time of prescribing. So if anger is the most intense at that time, I’d give Holly.
      Can a beginner prescribe by treating the most intense emotions first? Yes they can.
      However, a certain amount of understanding about the remedies will be needed to be able to identify which remedies are needed.
      If on the other hand, there are deep issues to be resolved, then I feel that a professionally qualified therapist would be better at unravelling the emotions and issues as often uncommon aspects of the remedies present themselves that wouldn’t be recognised by the beginner.
      I hope this is helpful.

  • Tulasi says:

    Thank you Rose, i do appreciate this.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Its a pleasure Tulasi. Rose

  • Sara says:

    Wonderful post Rose! This really helped me!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sara.
      Thank you. I’m glad the blog helped.
      Bach Flowers are a brilliant method of healing – and (as you’ve gathered) I love them!
      It’s amazing to think that just a few drops of essence can mkae such a difference to you and to the quality of your day too.
      Keep well. Rose

  • Ajay says:


    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank yo Ajay. Much appreciated. Keep well. Rose.

  • Renee' Hayer says:

    Hi Rose –
    Your blog could not have come at a better time. I just had another anger flare-up. I have the complete set of Bach flower remedies and have gone through your course on Bach flower remedies but I have yet to make the mix of remedies that I need. I even have “make Bach remedies mix” on my to-do list but just have not done it. As soon as I finish writing this note to you, I am going to prepare my mix of impatiens, holly, rock water, beech and pine.
    Thank you so much for your guidance and information on the Bach flower remedies.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Renee. Thank you for your comment.
      I understand the thrill and excitement of learning about something interesting and new, especially something you ‘need’.
      And the reluctance to actually do it.
      If you having difficulty in making up a treatment bottle, why not put your choosen remedies into a glass of water and sip them frequently.
      That way. perhaps it won’t seem so ‘formal’ – and if they’re not working quite as you’d like them to work, its easy to change them.
      Remember to look at the mentals behind the feelings too..
      Impatiens is in a hurry and is angry and irritated because things/people are too slow.
      Holly feels injured: rightous indignatiuon.
      Rock Water is ‘holier than thou’ They’ve got it right and want everyone to copy them.
      Beech is critical and intolerant of the characterstics of others. They know their right and want things done their way. But its not a power issue as Vine is.
      Pine – this is for feelings of guilt and remorse? (Because you got cross with somone?)
      Just do it – and see how you get on!

      • Krishna says:

        Im using holly pine clematis chestnutbud willow scleranthus hornbeam

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Krishna. I hope those remedies work for you. Keep up the good work. Rose

    • Anil says:

      Why rock water pine beech. Thanks.

      • Rose Todd says:

        Hello Anil. I’m sorry for the delay in replying to your Comment. (I thought I had done so … Sorry!)
        The blog was about Holly. I didn’t mention Rock Water, Pine or Beech. So I’m wondering if you meant – why didn’t I give him Rock Water, Pine and Beech?
        If that’s so… here goes,
        The essence of anger (and Holly) is that they feel insulted and wounded. This man, as a child, was continuous trying his hardest to “do all the right things” – mostly to gain approval from his father, but also to avoid being shouted and and punished.
        There is no signs of him wanting to influence others with this own strict regimes as in Rock Water. No sign of regret – he’d done his best! (Pine) Why wasn’t it acknowledged by his father. And no sign of being intolerant or being critical of others (Beech). He felt wounded.
        He was full-on angry – and that keeps surfacing in his life when anyone ‘insults’.wounds him,. showing him there is more healing to be done with anger. With the healing of Bach Flower his bouts of anger are less frequent and less intense. The healing is a work in progress – and it always is,
        And as he is consciously aware of his own personal and spiritual growth, I wanted him to ‘experience the journey’ of healing.
        I’m not sure if this was gives you the answers you were looking for. If not, please get back to me and I’ll see what I can do. Take care. Rose

        • Anil bindal says:

          Hello Rose. No issues. You clarified. I have a question. You suggest that we should deal with anger directly with Holly. Ashok says. First soften anger with walnut beech willow. Last Holly. Anything you want to say on this. He is in practice for 40 years too. Curious to know which approach to take. 🤔

          • Rose Todd says:

            Hello Anil. Thank you. I’d like to qualify everything I say with …. its my opinion that ….
            Life only happens in this moment Now. Mediation and Mindfulness have become very popular as tools to bring us back into the Now.
            We can only think and feel in this moment Now. We can think about yesterday, or worry about tomorrow, but we are still only thinking and feeling it Now – is this moment.
            So, I’m inclined to treat the 6 most intense emotions I see. And if Holly is to the fore, then that’s what I give. I can see why Walnut and Beech could be given. I see Willow as a ‘suppressed anger’ state – I’ve been treated badly, been wounded, and I can’t do anything about it – and so it is suppressed and turns into bitterness and resentment.
            If Holly is to the forefront, I would give Holly.
            Ashok is extremely knowledge about the Bach Flowers and I know he has been using the remedies for 40 years. He does see things differently from me. Sometime ago, I “agreed to differ” with him. And all is well.
            I can feel you asking, but who is right? I’m right, for the people who come to me. And Ashok is right for the people who go to him. 🙂 Take care Rose.

  • Renee' Hayer says:

    Hi Rose –
    Regarding my previous blog response post, by anger flare-up, I mean I was grouchy and yelled.
    Just so you don’t think I was throwing things other than words around. 🙂

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Renee.
      Thank you for the second comment. No I didn’t think you were throwing things around, apart from words!
      (But going to a Greek restaurant and throwing a couple of plates might be a good idea next time perhaps? ) 🙂
      Hope the remedies do their work well.

  • Vaneta says:

    Wat is the dose of holly for a thirty yr old guy

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vaneta.
      Thank you for leaving a question – and a very good question too. Bach Flower Remedies work on negative emotions, not on the physical body as chemical drugs do. So, although it sounds strange, the dose for a child and adult are exactly the same.
      Put 2 drops of Holly (or any other remedy you’re using – Rescue Remedy needs 4 drops) – into a glass of water and ask him to take a small drink every hour or so.
      He cannot over dose and there are no side effects.
      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please get in touch. Take care. Rose

  • Margaretta Braidner says:

    Very good enjoyed reading. It helped a lot. I am going to try the Bach flower remedies

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Margaretta. Thank you for your comment.
      I’m very pleased you enjoyed the blog and found it useful
      I’m also very glad that you’re going to try the Bach Flower Remedies. I think the’re marvellous (as you gathered!)
      Now you’ve found out about the Remedies (they’re also called Esswences), there are lots of blogs tell you about which remedies to use to heal your unwatned feelings.
      Warm wishes. Rose.

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