Are you ready for transformation?

law-of-attraction-and-transformationIf you’re not – pity! Everything at the moment, seems to be about transformation.

A favourite blog arrived in my In-box yesterday, asking the question ‘How long does it take to turn your life around?’
Just in case you’re interested, the answer is – a moment. It only takes a moment to say ‘Enough! There is more to life than this.’ It takes a moment to make the decision, but, of course it does take longer to establish new thought patterns. (Some help with this at the end of the blog).

I have a selection of books at my bedside and I usually pick up a different one each morning. Every morning, while I drink my tea, I read something spiritual. It’s my form of meditation and it puts me in the ‘right’ mood for the day.

In law of attraction terms, it builds a powerful positive momentum.

This morning, I picked up the book ‘Change your words and you’ll change your world.’ (Clever title, don’t you think?) I opened the book at the bookmark, and my eyes fell on the section ‘Create your transformation’.

Last week I received a newsletter that told me about the changes that Aquarius (21 January – 19 February) was bringing; describing new opportunities and possibilities, and warning that it could also present challenges.

And on Thursday 19th, there is another change – Chinese New Year. It is the Year of the Goat. What changes will this bring, I wonder?

Transformation and lots of changes! So many changes are happening in my life and in the lives of my friends. And change is happening in yours too.

Are you going with the flow? Or digging in your heels to try to stop the changes?

You know about the law of attraction. You know about the abundance of the universe. And I’m sure you understand that we live in a world of expansion. Our universe, our world and we are too, always expanding.

The only thing that’s constant is Change.

All change brings expansion. It’s up to you whether you welcome the changes that are coming to you, thick and fast, as opportunities and possibilities. Or whether you see them as challenging misfortunes.

At this time of change, being positive and having faith in the future helps us enormously. Affirmations are very helpful way to keep our thoughts positive so we can create a happier tomorrow.

So here are five affirmations you can use.

Please change and modify them to suit your own situation. Perhaps you can change one of them into a suitable mantra and say it repeatedly. It gives your mind something positive to do and stops it wandering back into its familiar negativity.

I AM loved and guided constantly.

I AM a powerful, genius creator.

I AM totally confident.

I AM healed, health and whole.

I ALWAYS HAVE enough money for all I need.

Work with affirmations and watch the positive changes come into your life.

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