Law of Attraction – Thanksgiving Day

law-of-attraction-gratitudeI’d like to wish those of you in the United States and the Americans away from home, a Happy Thanksgiving Day for Thursday this week.

Mr Wikipedia tells me that Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday that is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest of the year.

What a wonderful idea. Even if we don’t have crops to harvest, we can still consider the last year as the ‘harvest’ that’s grown from our thoughts and feelings.

In my book thankfulness: counting your blessing and appreciation for what we have, all add up to Gratitude. And gratitude is a mighty powerful creative energy.

So today I thought I’d tell you a bit about gratitude and how you can use it to create all the lovely things you want in life.

If you’ve been interested in creating a wonderful life, you know about gratitude. You might even have done a Gratitude Diary.

Gratitude flows down two avenues:

The first avenue is that of tragedy and crisis. If you survive a terrible accident you’ll feel the relief of gratitude: the relief of ‘I made it. I’m so glad to be alive’. While the incident is fresh in your mind, you’ll feel relief and gratitude. But life goes on and so will you, so your experience and the feelings of gratitude will diminish. Gratitude that flows down the avenue of crisis is short lived.

On the other hand, gratitude that flows down the avenue of appreciation – now that’s a different story. When we appreciate what we have – no matter how little it is – that has power. When you feel thankful in this creative moment of Now, and feel it intensely, that gratitude can rise to happiness and then peak into joy. That is an incredibly powerful creative energy.

Use that power in your life. Use it in your visualisations and you’ll notice changes and new opportunities coming into your life very quickly.

Count your blessings every day, appreciating all you do have – and I know that you have a lot more than you realise. Find something, anything – a flower, watch a child play, music – to appreciate, and then notice how much happier and contended you feel.

You hold the power within you to create whatever you want in life. You hold the power within to guide your thoughts, to conjure up whatever emotions you want to feel. You’ve just got to understand how the law of attraction, life and you work.

Anyone got a fool-proof recipe for pumpkin fritters? I used to have them at boarding school and I loved them!

I hope to see some of you at the law of attraction workshop on the 29th November.


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