Law of Attraction – Reflection and Change

law-of-attraction-reflection-and-changeIt’s the beginning of December already. Do you think this year has gone fast? I do.

It just seems the other day (well maybe a bit longer than the other day) that I made the commitment to write a weekly blog for 6 months, and then in June committed myself to another 6 months.

I’ve enjoyed writing to you each week.

December will rush by very quickly, as it always does. It seems as if it’s in a hurry to become January so it can slow down. And then we are into a new year again!

I’m interested in astrology, but know very little about it. However Saturn, the planet of change, has moved into the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The power of Saturn is enormous and it creates change.

With apologies to William Shakespeare, Saturn … ‘ will thrust change upon you’, unless you choose and guide change where you want it to go. Under Saturn’s influence, it seems that we’ll be making our New Year resolutions in December!

Also in the northern hemisphere we have the winter solstice. This is a good time to gather ourselves; plan; guide and align ourselves with what we want to create in the coming months.

It is an important time of the year and reflection is so valuable, otherwise we just keep repeating the mistakes of yesterday without realising it. We get distracted by all the hurry and flurry of Christmas preparations and there doesn’t seem any time for reflection.

But I would strongly recommend you take time to do it.

And in light of what you’ve discovered from your reflection you can ask yourself these questions:

• What would I like to accomplish in 2015?

• What would I like to achieve?

• What changes would I like to create in my life?

Sometimes sudden change can turn our lives upside-down and that can cause chaos and crisis. When we are move too quickly outside our comfort zone it upsets our confidence and it’s difficult to deal with.

If you want to move a mountain, you have to move it a stone at a time. If you want to create a better life, you do it slowly and surely, a day at a time.

The most profound changes happen this way.

If you want to create something that fulfills you more; inspires you more next year, now is a good time to plan it and to guide your change.

You have the power within you to do anything and everything you want.


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