Law of Attraction: Three Top Tips

law-of-attraction-three-tipsI’ve had a few emails from you this week that have the theme of feeling caught or trapped in your negative emotions so I thought I’d tell you my three top tips for changing your emotions.

Please don’t imagine that you can go from feeling despair, depressed or anger or being sad straight up to feeling happy in one moment. It’s a gradual process.
When you think a thought and feel the feelings, the law of attraction sends you a similar thought with the similar feelings. Your thoughts may jump from one topic to another, but they will all have similar feelings.

By the time you’ve held a thought for 34 seconds, the law of attraction has gathered more similar feeling thoughts to send you.

Your thoughts may be different but the feelings will be similar. You’ve now jumped on the merry-go-round of momentum and your thoughts are building, so it’s easy to hold thoughts for 68 seconds and now you’re caught in the momentum of those feelings – and you can’t stop them.

They take over and you can’t do anything about it. They have a life of their own. The feelings are so strong they drown you.

Even when you know this is happening, you don’t seem to be able to stop thoughts horrible negative thoughts! And the merry-go round gets faster and faster and you don’t know how to get off! You can’t stop the momentum. And if you take that momentum to bed, you’re likely to pick it up the next morning.

I can say to you ‘choose a different thought’ – but how do you do that? From my perspective, when the feelings take a ‘deep’ hold, I don’t seem to have any ‘conscious’ control over them. Even if I shout ‘stop’, it doesn’t seem to work for long.

At times like these, I call in the cavalry!

1) I put the Bach Flowers I think will help me into a glass of water and I sip them over the next half hour or so. If you only have Rescue Remedy/Five Flower Remedy that will help you – so use that.

2) I play soothing, relaxing, meditation-type music. After an hour or so, I’ll notice that I don’t particularly want that music any longer, I want something with more melody, that’s lilting and easy to listen to. I’m on the way up – my vibrations are lifting.

3) I also have a small tumbled piece of crystal: a rose quartz. Rose quartz is said to help calm and bring clarity to our emotions. So I hold that and rub it when I can.

Bit by bit, my mood lifts. Soon I forget to replenish the Bach glass and I starting playing Elvis – loud, of course!

So when you are feel trapped by negative emotion or thoughts  – try one of these  – or all three!


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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    yes this works wonders
    surfing left as i call it

    • Rose Todd says:

      HI Krishna. Yes. Those things do help to lift our moods so we can change our mind set
      Surf lef – no idea what that means – but it sounds interesting.
      Thanks of the comments. Take care. Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krish – and os chnage our All those things are able to lift our mood so we can change our mind set>
      Suerfing left? No idea what that is but it sounds interessting. Rose.

  • >