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los_angelesFriday dawned and we were sure we were still in England. The sky was grey and the wind was cold.

There was no chance of even the most-hardy sitting by the pool. And it rained on Saturday.

However things have returned to normal, and today it is another lovely sunny day in California.

My seminar is over. It was two and half days of wonder and delight that made my heart sing.

It finished early this afternoon. I am sad. I am so excited when the seminars begin and so sad when they end. It feels like a real loss when something that brings great joy, finishes. Even though I know there is much for me to do when I get home – and I’m eager and excited about that – but for now, I’m left with feelings of sweet-sorrow.

And some of you will be coming to the end of the 30 Day Diary that you started, so excitedly; so enthusiastically on 7 October.

I do hope that you’ve laid some solid paving stones that can take you where you want to go and that you’re beginning to see changes in your life: perhaps new opportunities and possibilities have shown themselves to you too? And I hope that you are eager to see where the possibilities and opportunities can take you – just as I am.

You know that the only thing that is constant is change: and our world and our lives are changing constantly. For something to change; to have the opportunity to create and become more, the ‘old’ has to finish before the ‘new’ can begin.

My seminar had to finish so that I can begin the new.

Although your 30 Day Diary is finishing next week, I hope you’ve established some new patterns of positive thoughts and have been in touch with your feelings of gratitude more frequently.

I’ve decided to keep the 30 Day Diary Group Facebook page going. When I’m back, I’ll be looking to putting up the last webinar and perhaps some new pdfs

I’ll be winging my way back home when this blog is posted. I’d love to hear from you – let me know how you’re getting on with your 30 Day Diary –let me know how you’re doing with creating and manifesting.

It is a time of endings and new beginnings – I can feel change is on its way!

So, from sunny California – happy creating!


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Rose Todd

  • Claire says:

    Welcome home Rose

    • Rose says:

      Thank you very much Claire. I hope you’ve had a successful ‘trip’ through your 30 Day Diary and are excited about all the changes you’ve created.

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