How to find your purpose in life.

The shrill noise of the alarm clock seems to fill the room. You groan and roll over to switch it off. Perhaps another few minutes dozing will bring you inspiration about your purpose in life.

Each morning you face the same thing – “what’s the point”? You feel as if you have no reason to get up. Yes, there are all the usual daily tasks to be done. And yes, there’s your work to do – and yet somehow, both seem tedious and hollow.

Why am I here?

Once again, you ask the question – and if you’re like me – then it’s a question you’ve probably asked a hundred times. “Why am I here? What is my purpose”?

Do you know that research has shown that people who have a purpose, live happier and successful lives, as against those who don’t have a purpose?

You might be feeling lost – with no direction. I can relate to that big time. But I also felt as if I had ‘no anchor’. I can’t explain it any better than that, but I felt as if I was ‘floating’, without direction. It was unsettling to live with especially as I had the feeling feeling I had something ‘specific’ to do. But I didn’t know what it was.

If you have ever felt like this or perhaps you’ve had some of these other thoughts …

  • Perhaps you have some vague ideas of what your path in life could be, but you can’t see that path clearly.
  • Or your ambition is to be of service to mankind (like Edward Bach – and many others too).
  • Perhaps you have many gifts and talents and none of them seem to be fulfilling and satisfying.
  • Maybe you have lots of ideas, and you splatter them all over the place without clearly focusing on any one special gift.
  • Or simply, you might feel you have an idea of what you’d like to do, but you don’t know how or where to start. So, you end up drifting and you lose any ambition you ever had.

As I said, I know those feelings well: the feeling that your life doesn’t have meaning And (remove) I don’t mean that caring for your family is not the most important thing but, somehow there seems to be something missing inside you.Fortunately, as you might expect there is a Bach Flower Remedy to give you direction and to help you find purpose and meaning in your life.

It’s called Wild Oat. This is an amazing remedy (as they all are) and it gives you the ability to recognise your potential andthen the guidance to develop it

Your gifts and tallents are needed!

If you have a wide range of gifts and talents, with the help of Wild Oat, you’ll be able to hear the guidance of your ‘inner being’ (or your soul) and you’ll be able to follow that guidance to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

This remedy has a very special quality that none of the other remedies have. Each of the other 37 remedies are involved with negative emotions. So, when you’re feeling some particular emotions you choose the appropriate remedy and it will help heal and soothe you.

But Wild Oat can be taken by anyone, at any time. Even if you know you’re on the right path but have come to a place where you could be unsure of the next steps to take, then Wild Oat will show you the direction to take.

If you’re using the remedies for yourself, or you’re a practicing therapist, if you’re not sure which remedies are being indicated, Wild Oat will show you the way.

This is important …

Edward Bach recommended a very particular way of taking Wild Oat which is different to how we take the other remedies:

Wild Oat must be taken on it’s own for at least 7 consecutive days.

  • This means you have to stop taking any other remedies.
  • When you take only Wild Oat you’re awareness of the subtle effects of the remedy will increase and you’ll become aware of what is coming to your attention

A few words from a song: part of a conversation you picked up in the Post Office; a few lines in a book or the newspaper.The awareness of somethings will come together like jig saw puzzle pieces, and then suddenly, maybe with a flash of light and you’ll have the biggest ‘Ahhhh’ moment as you know what your purpose is in life

The Remedy Challenge.

Every now and then, I run a ‘remedy challenge in the Facebook Bach Flower School student’s group and on the Bach Flower Cafe Facebook Page, so if you’re up for the challenge, you take the suggested remedy so you can really be aware of the subtle changes the remedies make to you and your life.

The Wild Oat Challenge begins on 20th March 2021.

In the northern hemisphere this is the Spring Equinox. This important event carries with it a huge amount of energy: it brings the energy of the new growth of spring, and I want to use this energy to help us take off, with the guidance of Wild Oat, on the next step of our fulfilling, meaningful purpose in life.

If you’re a Member of the Bach Flower School’s students Facebook group, then please check in there. I’ll be in the Group each day, not only so I can post about my own experiences of Wild Oat, but also so you can tell me about yours.

If you’re not a member of the Bach Flower School’s Facebook Group, but would like to join us in the Challenge, we can meet up on the Facebook Bach Flower Café Page.

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Rose Todd

  • Nalomeli says:

    Thank you Rose for the good idea. I started taking Wild Oat on Saturday afternoon. Just to be clear, when you say “no other remedies,” you mean Bach Flower Remedies. Correct? If something happens and I have to t a Homeopathic remedy that won’t mess-up the challenge, will it?
    The first night I had many wonderous dreams, like a clearing or cleaning of the subconscious. It was very releasing.
    Thank you again.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Nalomeli. Thank you for leaving a comment and your question.
      I did meam to put aside your other Bach Flower remedies while taking Wild Oat.
      As for your homoeopathic remedies – you need to speak to your homoeopath on that.
      I am a Classical homoeopath, and if I were treating you, then I would not want you to take anything else while you were taking my prescibed homoeopathic remedy.
      Bach Flowers work – so how would I know which remedy had a healing effect if you take two at the same time?
      So you need to check with your homoeopath on that one.
      Interesting dreams. If you continue -good luck with Wild Oat. Be aware! Rose

      • Nalomeli says:

        Aloha Rose,
        How are you doing with your wild oat challenge? I feel very centered and grounded and ready to move forward but on what hasn’t become clear just yet. I have so much stuff and books from so many interests but I can feel myself ready to clear out the clutter and focus in on the thing. I just don’t know what the thing is yet. Since you are a classical Homeopath maybe you could tell me, could I be setting up an obstacle to cure? Could I be purposefully or unconsciously overlooking what I’m looking for? Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thank you, Rose for your help and insights.

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Nalomeli. Thank you for your writing to me. I understand about doing a lot of things to do and that interest you. The Bach Flowers are gentle and subtle in their action. As for “are you setting up blocks” – you could be, if you beleive you are – or it could be, that you simply need Impatiens to help you accept that Wild Oat is doing its work, and now you have to be patient and allow the unfolding to show itself to you.
          My advice is to be patient and see what presents itself (subtly) to you. Taking Impatients will help. 🙂
          Take care and enjoy the unfolding. Rose

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