Bach Flower Help for Carers Caring for Covid-19 at Home

Caring for a loved one who has Covid-19 (or any other harsh and painful disease for that matter) can be extremely distressing.  I can only imagine what you’re going through at this difficult time.  So, after considerable thought, I’ve come up with some remedy suggestions that might be helpful to you.   However, if these suggestions don’t seem to be quite right for you, then perhaps these free Bach Flower Guides will help you the best remedies for you.

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Here are 6 of my suggestions ...  


Rescue Remedy.  This is a combination of 5 different remedies and there are two remedies in Rescue that you could need now.  Rescue Remedy also works to “stick us back together” when we need it.
Star of Bethlehem for shock, trauma and sadness and grief.  
Rock Rose is the remedy for feelings of ‘panic’.  A lot of people say they’re anxious all the time, but when questioned, their anxiety has actually mounted to “urgent fear” (panic). 


Red Chestnut.  This remedy is specifically for your anxiety for your loved ones.   Bach became aware how powerfully our own thoughts can affect someone else, and how we can pick up on the anxiety of others.  So, Red Chestnut will help how you feel, and therefore will also help your loved one too.


Elm.  This remedy is not that well known but is ideal for your situation now if you feel as if you can’t cope with the responsibility of caring for your loved one through this dreadful disease.  When Bach himself needed this remedy, he said the responsibility of creating his healing system “was too much for one man to bear”.  This feeling can sap your energy and make you feel heavy and low. (Some would call that ‘depressed’, but I don’t want to use that word).


Oak.  Strangely enough, the Oak is in flower at this time of the year. This remedy is about working long and hard, sometimes struggling, even though exhausted  You keep going because of feelings of duty and responsibility.  You know it’s your duty to carry on – and so you do so – even when you’re completely drained.


Olive.  Olive is the remedy for exhaustion. You have no energy to do the small things in life, let alone the bigger things.  (You can see how Olive and Oak go together so well, can’t you?)


Gorse.  And last, but by no means least, is Gorse – the remedy for hopelessness.  You or your sick loved one might be saying (or feeling) “what’s the use. We’ve tried everything and nothing’s working.  It’s just no use”.  Gorse will bring back hope.  Hope is vital.  If you have no hope, then there’s nothing to draw you forward to getting better.​​​​​

As I said, these are suggestions of remedies I think you might need.  You can mix up to 6 remedies together at once.  The easiest way to take the remedies is to make a Treatment bottle.  This blog will be helpful because it tells you the most effective way to take Bach Remedies ....

However, here a few other remedies for feelings that might suit  you better …

Mimulus is the remedy for anxiety that you keep to yourself. 
Larch is for self-confidence.  You may not feel confident enough to help them through is hard time.  Our level of confidence is intimately connected to the strength of our immune system.
Pine for the feelings of “I should have done better.  I shouldn’t have done that. I could have done better.” 


If you’re in the UK, you can order the remedies from Healing Herbs.  If you're in the US you can order from Flower Essence Services.


Face Challenges with Bach...
The Bach Remedies can help you not only at difficult and stressful times, but throughout your life.  We are always going to face challenges and the Bach Flower Remedies can help us meet those challenges. 

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