Bach Blog: A Lighthouse in the stormy seas of Covid-19

The beam of the light house moved slowly through its circle, calling our attention to the hazards beneath the turbulent waves of the stormy sea. The light house could be considered ‘an angel of the sea’ as it flashes its warnings of dangers lurking in the dark water below.

We have been living through a ‘storm’ for the last four months.  And Just as you couldn’t see the treacherous rocks in the stormy sea; you’ve not been able to see the invisible killer – Covid-19.  And that makes it terrifying!

The dark stormy sea is like our mind sometimes and our fears and anxieties, our pain and blame are similar to the rocks lurking below.  And it’s these ‘rocks’ that are stopping us from living a happy and fulfilling life.

Lifting Lock-down  The world is now beginning to lift some of the restrictions that we’ve been under for the past four months.

Lock-down. At first. we went into panic about being able to get enough food and fuel.  Do you remember the panic-buying of toilet rolls?  (Looking back, how strange was that?)  But now we’ve settled into a routine of social distancing and some have become quite content with ‘self-isolating’.  In fact, they’ve got used to having a quieter and simpler life.

For others, lock down as been a traumatic period and for others, its been a blessing.

And now, the lifting of lock-down has brought some ‘rocks’ to the surface.

Will life get back to normal?The regulations seem to change so quickly now, how will you keep up?

Having been at home for so long, how will you manage with driving again?Will it be easier or more difficult to do your shopping?  And what about those dreadful masks?What about all the people who ignore the restrictions, will there be a greater risk of exposure to this awful virus?

  • Anxieties! Worries!
  • Sometimes feelings of panic!
  • How will I cope with this new life?
  • And your mind seems to be on a merry-go-around that doesn’t stop!  How can you possibly sleep well with a mind full of anxieties and worries?  

The Bach Flower Remedies can be your Lighthouse in this storm.The Remedies are natural and simple to use and you can order them on-line – or get them at your local health shop or some pharmacies.

Need a little help with balancing your emotions in this turbulent storm…?  If so, take a quick look at these free guides…

Anxieties and worries and feelings of panicAnxiety is a worry that swirls and churns in our stomach and it often stays with you all day.  When your anxiety turns to fear and seems to rise from your belly into your chest or throat, anxiety has now become Panic.

Rescue RemedyAs most people know about Rescue Remedy, this is a good place to start.Rescue Remedy is made up of 5 Remedies, one of which is Rock Rose. This is the remedy to heal panicky feelings.  And is perhaps one of the main reasons why Rescue Remedy is taken so often.

Mimulus is the remedy for anxiety about life,  If you know what worries you, and you don’t talk about it, but keep it inside, then Mimulus will help you with your anxiety.

Larch  Even if you’re normally confident, but somehow now, feel you’re not very sure how you’re going to cope with a new life, then (what I think is one of the most important remedies of all) Larch will give you the confidence to stand tall, knowing that you can cope with all that life throws at you.

White Chestnut is the remedy to stop your thoughts jumping on the merry-go-round:  to stop your mind seeking solutions that aren’t there.  White Chestnut will break that pattern of thoughts and bring you peace of mind.

The most effective way to take the remedies is to put 2 drops of each remedy into a small glass of water and sip it frequently.  You’ll find you’ll soon begin to feel better.Here’s a blog I wrote about the most effective way of taking the remedies.

A thought before closing…I hear a lot of people saying they’re longing to “get back to normal”.  I really hope we don’t go back to our old ‘normal’ – as we were before Covid-19.  We had been ruining our poor earth with aircraft, factory and car pollution: we’ve been killing our oceans with our plastic waste and destroying our forests, the very thing that creates the air of our planet.  No, I hope we don’t go back to the ‘old normal’.

However, I know we can create a ‘new normal’ and create a world where we respect our planet and all her people: where we live from love and not fear.Every healed negative emotion uncovers a positive aspect of love.  Using the Bach Flower Remedies to help you through daily life will bring you happiness, success and fulfilment – and contribute to a ‘new normal’ and a healthier planet.Much love to you all.

Over to you And now its over to you.  As always I love to hear from you.  But particularly now as we’re negotiating the stormy seas of Covid-19, as we’re trying to give our planet the chance to regenerate itself.I am so aware that all man-kind and our planet need healing.  And if we can take responsibility of our own healing, that will be a huge contribution to a better life for us all.So please do write and let me know your thoughts.Much love

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Rose Todd

  • Sheila says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom Rose – they are much appreciated in these strange times

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Sheila. Thank you for leaving a comment. It’s a pleasure. And for reading my blog. I’m glad it gave some comfort, Keep well. Rose

  • Anil Bindal says:

    This situation is sweet chestnut gorse gentian mimulus Aspen larch cerato .. it is existential issue Rose. Total havoc , people are totally collapsed. In india, people do not have money to eat. Here faith trust alone will sail humanity through. India knows when disaster strikes. Surrendering to creator sustainer of all living beings is only option. Wild oat may help too. Shock waves of corona will sustain for decades. Sob. Indian perspective I am giving. For orphaned homeless, corona disaster is always on. See the homeless orphan. They understand life. Unity of being. They have merged with God on street. They do not even beg food. They are so happy contended inside like a positive wild rose. Street teaches more life than bach flower. Life is highest flower teacher. Know beggars who never claimed that they own anything on planet. His name was yogi ram surat kumar. He was alive quite till recent few decades. Life needs different eyes to merge with universal life. Human eyes are too tiny. Take care .. OM

    One who resides as essence in all I know. Many know on streets. Your combo was more human fear. My reply is more soul based. Life based. Ownership based. We own nothing here is the way. I am is the way to beyond I am human being. ❤️🌹🙏

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Anil. As always, good to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to write such a comment. The remedies required by people in different circumstances will be different. The remedies in the blog were not specific to any country or peoples. I do understand that India is (in some ways) a poor country but I cannot know of its poverty and despair. I can only imagine it. And I can see exactly why you chose the remedies listed above (although I only give 6 remedies at once, as Bach suggested. I also would have chosen which was more appropriate, Cerato or larch 🙂 )
      I understand you saying The Street teaching us about life. I too, believe that Life shows us all we need to know – and the Bach Flower Remedies offers us healing for all your fears and pains.
      You and I have a discussion often about the spirituality of life – and although we basically are “on the same page” – we have agreed to differ on some points. So I make no comments on your spiritual thoughts, and thank you for your generosity in sharing them bere.
      I hope all is well enough with you and your family. Take care. Rose

  • M. Padmavati says:

    Very apt to the situation. Yes we should go back to normal life but not to the normal which we were as…
    What is this life if full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare….
    Now we have learned of freedom and should continue to be.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello M and thank you for your comment. I too think that life is about living in love (caring) rather than fear. And of course in freedom. I think a lot of us have re evaluated our freedom int he last 4 months. Take care and be safe. Rose

  • Gillian Paterson says:

    Thanks for your advice and wise words. I too hope we don’t go back to ‘normal but can find a new way of living that sustains us and the planet in a positive way.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Gillian. Good to hear from you and that you too will be working towards a ‘new normal’. I’m sure there are lots of us who are not going to go back to ‘normal’. If we each work towards our our own ‘new normal’. then at some point (even though it doesn’t seem possible, we’ll come to a tipping point that will change our world. Reaching tipping point is a bit like “eating an elephant”. The only way to do it is one bite at a time.:)
      I hope all is well with you and that lock-down has not been hard for you. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    Me too I don’t want to go back to the old normal. It has been so peaceful no airplanes less tourists less rushing around. I don’t know what else to say. it has been a good time for me I had time to get in touch with Rose and start on my real journey.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Krishna, thanks so much for your comment – glad this time has been peaceful for you and has brought you so much goodness. It’s great that you are taking all the positives from this situation – well done. Congratulations on beginning a new part of your life – you have beautiful dreams and truly meaningful goals that I know you will achieve. Take care… Warm Wishes, Rose.

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