Teachings of Abraham-Hicks

Have you heard of the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks?

Perhaps you’re working with these teachings? They came into my life in 2007 and I’ve been consistently working with them since. I get a new download of one of their seminars every fortnight.

I think the singular most powerful piece of their teachings that helps me is that our emotions are the indicator of our alignment with our Inner Being / our Soul.

Just in case you’re new to the workings of the Law of Attraction, our thoughts generate a feeling: thoughts and feelings go together. Our thoughts create an electromagnetic vibration that is transmitted out into the universe, but our emotions are the creative force: our emotions give the vibration its strength.

The more intense the emotion, the stronger the vibration and the quicker our thoughts manifest.

Anything we want in life we want for one reason only, and that is because we believe it will make us happy. So really all we want is to be happy. When we’re happy we’re in alignment with; on the same vibration as, our Inner Being. This is what we’re really seeking.

So, how we feel is like a compass – it tells us whether we are heading for our true-north or whether we’ve way off track and that we’re caught in a hurricane or in the doldrums. How we feel tells us whether we are coming from a point of Love or whether our thoughts are off the mark.

If they are, we feel dreadful. Feeling disappointed, discouraged or depressed indicates we have moved away from our alignment with Source.

Abraham created an Emotional Ladder that ‘grades’ the vibrational rate of our feelings.


Love, joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, appreciation. Passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, positive expectation, optimism, hopefulness, contentment and satisfaction are all called ‘high flying emotions’ and, ideally, we would live our lives in one of these states.

But we are human beings: energy beings and energy must move. So our thoughts and are feelings are always in motion. So, how do we stay in those high flying emotions when life is happening all around us?

I’ll let you know at the talk I’m giving next Wednesday evening!

I am talking about the teachings of Abraham-Hicks at the Positive Living Group Meeting on Wednesday 26th February.

If you’re interested in these teachings, come along and join us.

There is more information here on the site. Hope to see you there.



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