Love and the Law of Attraction

Valentine’s Day and a full moon

A full moon and Valentine’s Day on the same day – that’s a double opportunity for romance and love to flourish.  Won’t the Law of Attraction have a delicious time with that? 

Falling is love is a wonderful experience and it’s often  connected with ‘moonlight and roses’ and we all know that it can be like this – but how long for?  Falling in love is a glorious experience but unfortunately, it frequently doesn’t last longer than three months as the realities of life seem to come back into our lives.  If it lasted any longer at that intense level, we’d burn out our adrenaline glands. 

RedRose2However, please don’t think I’m being cynical because if the attachment between two lovers lasts more than six weeks or so, there is the possibility that something deeper and more wonderful will begin to grow. 

Nourishing Love

 Love is just like a plant, if needs to be nurtured, cared for with gentle and tender kindness. If a plant doesn’t get what it needs, it will die – and so will love.

 Love is a dance between you; it is something to be cherished and celebrated.  Think of Valentine’s Day as a wake-up call to reconsider the needs of your partner.

Suggestions for rekindling love

 Here are a few things to help you create a deeper love, rekindle a flagging love or to help you attract an extraordinary relationship into your life.  Remember the Law of Attraction responds to what you think and feel.. so feel love and more love will come into your life.

 Our life is our story. Literary,  our life is the story we tell ourselves about our self and about others in our life.  If you are not happy, rewrite your story. Rewrite the story of you and the one you love.  If you’re single, write the story of your love for the one you’re going to attract.  Every story we tell ourselves is self-fulfilling.  As always – energy flows where focus goes.

Stuck in your relationship

 If you feel stuck in your relationship – perhaps you’re having an argument and there is tension between you – do something to break that flow.  Walk out of the room – make tea, drink some water.  Do something to change your state of being and to give you time to realise that you’re focusing on what you’re not getting, instead of focusing on what you can give to the one you love. Always put your Love first.

 Give your partner freedom.  We all want and need freedom to be who we are.  If they do something that upsets and hurts you, remember that what they did is not who they are.  Freedom and forgiveness are a big part of a working, loving relationship.   

The bottom line – always put love first.

If you’d like some help with creating a relationship or perhaps with reviving a flagging relationship, why not consider some Mentoring or Coaching

 Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Rose Todd

  • karen says:

    I have done well since attending a workshop you ran. I have begun to make lots of changes. It is how ever very true as you stated that you do need to know what it is YOU want inorder to manifest it. !!! It has been very difficult for me to move from just ” wanting change ” , to being in any way clear in my mind what the hell IDO want. Still working on it one step at a time . Xx with much love .
    Karen xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Karen
      Well done on making the changes you have made. There are two things I’d like to say about knowing specifically what you want and that is firstly, we keep moving the goal posts. We can focus on one thing, and as we move towards it, we might find it isn’t quite what we wanted, so we now want something else. And if you want to get from this side of the stream to the other side, you can only stand one stepping stone at a time.
      If you’re unsure what you do want, and would like a quick chat, give me a ring. Perhaps I can help? 0774 802 1887
      (For some reason, this email comes with Paul’s address, I don’t know why. I’ll ask him to change it.)
      Ring if you’d like a little help.

  • Jill says:

    Thank you Rose, its our 16th anniversary too! easier said than done but got to get rid of that negative energy and focus!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Jill. Thanks for leaving the comment. Just as a quick reminder, you can’t get rid of your negative energy because of the momentum you’ve given it. You can only replace it with positive thoughts. To do that, think of lovely things that are unconnected with the subject: soft things – easy things to make you smile. And when you go back to focusing on negative things, look at something else + shift your and soften your focus.
      If you’d like a quick chat to help you back on track – give me a ring. 0774 802 1887 Warm wishes Rose

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