Law of Attraction – Do you have the X-Factor?

law-of-attraction-x-factorDid you watch the finals of the X-Factor on Sunday evening?  I did.

I was very comfortable on the sofa watching the last two contestants (Ben and Fleur) sing from their heart, with every ounce of everything they had in them, to entertain the crowd at the Wembley and the millions watching at home.

How I wished I had a notepad by me. The entire programme was dripping with statements that could easily be turned into affirmations.  From start to finish it was an amazing example of how to create what you want in life – without one mention of the law of attraction.

We were shown Ben and Fleur’s original auditions 12 weeks ago.  And the judges reviewed their performances with comments similar to….

“I could see from the beginning it was your intention to win this competition”

“I saw immediately that you believed in yourself and you knew you could go all the way”

“You’ve always believed in yourself”

“You knew what you wanted and even when you had knocks, you held your focus”

“Your desire was so strong, nothing was going to get in your way”

Both Ben and Fleur had been singing for the last ten or so years, whenever and wherever they could.  By the time they got to the X-Factor, they were already performers who knew where they wanted to be – a Success, at the Top of their Game.

Over the 12 weeks of the competition, they held their focus, and with the help of their mentors, they polished their gifts and honed their talents as they took steps to become who they wanted to be, all the while dreaming their dream and stretching themselves as they reached for their goal.

Over the last ten years they had been laying a path for this moment. Success rarely happens overnight.  It takes time, patience, focus and much practice to achieve your goal.  And the judges commented on their preparation. It gave them a huge advantage over the others who had not been performing long.

Both Ben and Fleur are ‘winners’ and both now have their feet securely on the path to successful singing careers – no matter which one won.

When you dream your dream and start to take action to realise it –that is to, give it form and make it ‘real’ – do you hold your focus?  Even when you’re disappointed and discouraged, do go back to your dream for inspiration and dream it again?

Do you honestly believe in yourself – honestly believe that you can do it? Everyday, do you polish your gifts and hone your talents so that you are become more and more like the ‘future’ you, so the law of attraction can deliver?

It can be difficult to hold your focus and change each day. ..

Ben and Fleur had help – the help of their mentors. To stay in the competition they had to get better and better each week. Remember, it was almost as if their lives depended on it. Each week they were stretched to their limits – and the next week they dug deeper into themselves and found more – and gave that to their audience the following week.  Each week they changed as they grew into who they wanted to be.

We don’t just leap from where we are to where we want to be – it’s always a process – and it takes time.

If you do this, if you go through the process, the law of attraction will deliver your dream.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments.

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