Bach Flowers. Honeysuckle – The Time Flower

Honeysuckle. The ‘Time’ Flower – Living in the past

There’s a lot written about meditation and Mindfulness these days.  You can listen to podcasts and watch videos about living in the Now-moment, for after all, life can only happen in this moment now.

Living in the past is like driving looking in the rear view mirror.  You’re looking the wrong way!

However, if you’ve tried to live in the Now, you’ve possibly found it hard to do because your habitual thoughts keep pulling you back with “if only…”  or perhaps your fears and anxieties keep pulling you forward into tomorrow with “how can I cope ….?”.  Both thought patterns pull us out of the present Now-moment into the past or the future.  

There is a Bach Flower Remedy to bring you back into the present morment.

One of the most difficult things about using the Bach Flower Remedies is choosing which one would suit you best.  Although there is only 38 remedies, some of the remedies seem similar and its difficult to tell them apart.
I have two Bach Flower Remedy guides that can help you.   Click the image below and find out how to get these guides.

The past has two major holds over us: times of great happiness or regret for ambitions not achieved.

Those happy days

Living in the past is a bit like constantly looking in the rear view mirror when driving.  Life only happens Now and Honeysuckle can help you live in the Now (and we all know how important that is).

Sometimes when you get a group of people together they begn to talk of the happy days long ago. Their conversation revolves around “when we…. ” – when we were happy and carefree.  Remember those happy days.  And you yearn to go back to the happy days.

Honeysuckle is the remedy for homesickness and is really good if your child is homesick when it goes to boarding school or off to university.  Or perhaps you feel homesick for when you left home, or your home country and found out the grass was not greener on the other side of the fence, and you long for home again.

Somehow your memory ‘dry-cleans’ the past and removes all the worries and cares you lived with and you’re left with a glossy-magazie type of memory where everything is good and happy.

Living in those good old days stops you living Now so its robbing you of creating new and happy experiences now.  Honeysuckle willl bring you back into the Now.

Regret over lost ambitions

We all live with a certain amount of unachieved ambitions.  “If only I’d taken that job  …. if only I hadn’t done this or that …”   The pain of not walking through the doors of opportunity that were presented to you; the anger you feel at yourself for being too afraid to cross the threshold into a loving relationship or a lost career opportunity that life presented to you can be acute and intense.  This regret over lost achievments can play out in your current life daily.

Regret is a dangerous and debilitating emotion.  Whether you blame yourself or another for your lack of love or achievement in your life, these feelings can be healed with the help of the Bach Flower Remedy, Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is one of the less popular remedies purely, I’m sure, because it’s less well known.  But, when it’s needed, it is an extremely powerful remedy.  Honeysuckle is referred to by some as the Time Flower because (as mentioned)  it’s needed when you’re stuck in the past.

However, as we don’t have only one emotion at once. We have many feelings rumbling around together so living in the past and longing for better days or living regret will come with several other feelings.  So here are some the remedies that might help you if you need Honeysuckle.

Complimentary remedy

I believe that confidence is one of our foundational emotions.  When we feel confident we’ll take on challanges even knowing that we might ‘fail’ – and thats OK.  ‘Failure’ is feedback and is always showing us the next step.

Larch is the confidence flower.  I believe we can all do with Larch sometimes.  I ran a Challange in my Facebook Group to take only Larch for 7 days continuously. The results were amazing. The group were amazed at how confident and well they felt when taking Larch.
Here’s what Jane had to say.  “I took part in Rose’a Bach Flower School Group’s Larch Challange and was amazed at how different I felt after just 3 days.  I felt really confident; as if I could do everything I wanted to do.  My family and collegues were amazed at the difference in me.  I take Larch every time I feel I need a boost!.  Jane F.  UK,

Click here to find out more about Larch Mimulus and Pine

Mimulus is an anxiety remedy. If you know what you’re anxious about then Mimulus is the remedy to help you.  And even if opportunity has opened your longed-for doors to a better life, if you were anxious about stepping out of your comfort zone and over the threshold to a new life or career, then Mimulus is the remedy to help you.   Here’s Debbie’s story on Mimulus.  “ Mimulus is the remedy for treating those who lack courage in moving forward.  When I learnt this, it blew me away  as my whole life has been plagued by a resistance to letting go of the  past and stepping into the future”.
Deborah H. UK

Pine  When things don’t turn out the way you want them to, you’re inclinded to look for something or someone to blame.  We often blame circumstances, but when it comes to people – there is only you and those outside of you.
So, when we lay blame for something ‘wrong’, its far easier to blame ourselves than to blame others, particularly if we’re hurt by another who is suppose to love us.  We automatically think it should be our fault.

Honeysuckle, Larch, Mimulus and Pine can help us at any time in our loves, (when our feelings match).  Here’s Hilarh’s story.

Hilary was over nearing 80.  Her memory had been fading for a few years.  But now she lived completely in the past; she fretted and cried along about her relatives who had died.  She talked incessantly about them and the happy times they had spent together.
Hiilary S, UK

Honeysuckle and a few other remedies helped Hilaey considerable, and she began to enjoy herself a lot more.  Honeysuckle is the gatekeeper for the memory.  It will pull you back from the past allowing you to living in the present.

Oveer to You,  The Bach Flower Remedies are a complete system of emotional healing. When you use the remedies you can soon begin to feel better,  They help and balance the stress of your family, and, if you’re interested in self-development, you can use the Remedies as a path to self-knowledge, as I did.

Click here to find out more about the  Bach Flower Essence Online Course .

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Rose Todd

  • Eme says:

    Wow I’m so pleased to be refining & deepening my knowledge of Bach flowers since finding Rose’s website. These insights on broader uses of the remedies are so helpful. Thankyou so much Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello eme. Thank you for leaving a comment and your kidn words.
      As I consider each of the remedies has a personality, just as we all do, and personalities have many different facets, then the remedies have lots of different facets too.
      It’s extremely interesting to discover a ‘hidden’ depth to a remedy and then notice that someone actually needs this particular aspect of the remedy.
      Keep on studying and enjoy using the Bach remedies.
      Take care. Rose

  • Natalie says:

    Great post, right at a time when I need it. Thank you!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Natalie. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the blog.
      And very glad it came at the ‘right time’ for you.
      Enjoy usinfg the remedies.
      Keep well. Rose.

  • Polly Rachelle says:

    Dear Rose I do hope you are well. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge. I have been in the washing machine of deepest clearing and cleansing emotionally. There is always the spin dryer syndrome following all deep cleanse where the past is cleared but the transition is not complete. The remedies you recommended are totally appropriate right now. All clearing at that level, past lives and our present past ,when cleared created total confusion and crisis
    of confidence before the new foundation can be built on. This is very frightening.Thankyou for your energy and imput. You are much blessed. Dont forget to take care of yourself. Love and blessings 🙏 ❤ Pauleen

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Polly. Thank you for leaving your lovely message. I can completely relate to your washing machine analogy. Clearing and cleaning out ‘stuff’ can be a painful process. But it doesn;t alwys have to be.
      I have found, over the years, that what is showing up in our ‘now’ moment, is what needs to be healed. So, I only take remedies for what’s upsetting me Now – and if that involves anger – then I take Holly, and if that is followed by (for me) the inevitable uncertaintly and lack of confidence, then I move onto take those remedies next.
      thank you for your kind thoughts – yes, I do take care of myself. I take Bach when I need to, and I aslo take Tissue Salts (Known as Cell Salts in the States). I think they too, are extremely powerful healers and give the body (sometimes) much needed help!
      I hope you soon see your way to establishing a new foundation in the net comfort zone.
      Take care. Rose

      • Polly Rachelle says:

        Hi Rose hope your away doing something nice. Thanks for your prompt response. My best friend of 53 years passed away several weeks ago and has been the catalyst for change. I make jewellery so it has all been orange. The colour for change. Onwards. Love and blessings 🙏 ❤

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hi Pauleen. I’ve been away caat-sitting for my son. The cat is a very old girl and needs tender care. But I’m home again now and working again.
          I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That’s hard. I hope you’re taking Star of Bethlehem and Walnut (to help with the changes).
          Your jewellery sounds lovely. Take care. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    fantastic blog very very informative I love your stories Rose you are a magician

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Krishna. I am indeed a magician. Just as you are (and everyone is)!
      You’ve discovered over the last year or so, how much of your life you can change by changing your mind: changing your thinking.
      Change your thoughts and feelings – and hey presto – your world around you changes to reflect your new thoughts! It’s mgical.
      Thank you once again. I’m delighted that life is now happy for you Love Rose

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