Law of Attraction. Are you Time Poor?

Are you going at the speed of an electric train all the time? Are you multitasking all the time?  Do you describe yourself as Time Poor?

As the principles of the Law of Attraction are the cornerstones of my life and my work, my immediate thoughts are not about time but about being ‘poor’.  If you and I were chatting over coffee, (if you had the time that is) I would ask you about the other areas of your life where you feel ‘poor’.  If you feel Time-Poor – then there is definitely scarcity in your life apart from time.

Over Achiever

Do I really have to ask if  if you’re an over achiever?  I thought not. You know what I mean.  But just in case, are there more things on your To Do Today list than you can possibly achieve in 24 hours – even though you multitask all the time?

Yes!  That’s what I thought. You’ve feel you should be like Superwoman and be able to fit a square peg into a round hole!
The worst thing about this is that you beat yourself up because you feel you should do more.  If the entire day doesn’t go like clockwork, you ladle on more guilt.

This is all well and good, but what can you do about it.

Two Solutions to being Time Poor

The first solution is to be realistic. Even though you think you should be like Super Woman you can’t be. Be reasonable about what you expect to do in a limited time.

If you’re trying to do some inspirational reading, watch a Ted Talk, do a 15 minute meditation and 20 minutes on goals, affirmations and visualisations all in 30 minutes before you go to work, it isn’t going to happen.  No wonder you’re time poor and frustrated with yourself before you even leave for work.   Then your irritation and frustration creates an irritating and frustrating day!

Be reasonable.  Split your long list into two – do one list on odd days and one on even days (the date).  Then you’ve got less to do and you can enjoy your special creative time in the morning, instead of feeding your greedy inner critic.

The second solution to being time poor is to stretch time.  Yes. That’s right – stretch time – like a piece of elastic.
The secret to the speed of time is that it’s a mind-set and it depends entirely on how you feel. If you believe you’re going to miss your train, things will happen to slow you down and you will miss your train.

If you believe you have all the time in the world and enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll get twice as much done and have fun too.

Sometimes, if have a lot to do, I stretch time like a piece of elastic – I literary imagine stretching the time between now (where I am with too much to do) to where I want to be.  I see it stretching out in front of me. I stop rushing and start appreciating; start thinking about my gratitude list; start smiling or put on some music.

Don’t keep saying you’re ‘rubbish at time management’ and beat yourself up because there is never enough time to do all the things you want to do, or if you get side-tracked by the TV.  It could be that you need TV-down time.

You can solve your time poor problem with the help of  The 30 Day Diary.  This is a tool that gives you strategies of how to plan and get what needs to be done in 30 minutes every morning.  Have a look. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Over to you… as always I love to hear from you, so please leave a comment and you’ll enter into my Comment Competition and you could win a free copy of my book This and That. A tea and biscuit philosophy on life and the Law of Attraction.


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Rose Todd

  • Debz says:

    Hi Rose, time management is so my problem – I feel way off-course with it. After two days of rest I’ve not made a dent in the to-do lists I had written down. Plus, my other big thing is taking on more than I can deliver – like the role of PR person at Toastmasters. Flattering to be asked but it’s just another thing i don’t have time for! When is the next 30-day diary course starting? A bit of structure would do me good. Thanks, Debz X

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Debz. You left a message for me in June 2017, and somehow it slipped through my net, and I didn’t answer you. I’m so sorry. Hopefully, my reply is better late, than never.
      Time management. I think it depends on not only how much you want to achieve what you’re working on, and how you slot it into your day.
      There are no remedies to help with ‘time management’ but there definitely are remedies that will turn down the volume on the ‘negative committee’ that chatter negative things in your head constantly!
      Identifying how you feel, and then taking the appropriate remedies, will help you get to grips with more efficient time management. I hope this helps. Take care. Rose

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