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“Remind yourself that you can’t fail at being you!”    Dr Wayne Dyer

I found two inspirational quotes from Wayne Dyer that can help you if you’ve become lazy or overwhelmed about keeping your self-talk positive, doing your affirmations and visualisations.   I opened with the first quote because I don’t think we do this often enough.   And I also think we sometimes to forget to be the best we can be, every day.

You can’t fail

Do you know you can’t fail at being you?  You may think you fail dismally at being you.  But you don’t really.  Being who you are comes naturally and spontaneously so you can’t get it wrong.

We do cover that special part of ourselves with a blanket of negative beliefs that limit and restrict us. But as we put the blanket over ourselves, we can remove it any time we like.  When you use dedicated, focused positive thoughts you can remove the blanket that smothers you and the ‘real’ you will come shining through.

The other quote is from Mr Dyer’s speeches and about goals.

“Your goal should not be to be better than anyone else,
your goal should be to be better than you used to be”.  

I like that.
I know for a fact, I’m a lot better than I used to be.  I’m a lot more patient, kinder and more generous than I was all those years ago. And I’m now pleased with and grateful for my life and I happily focus on where I want to go.

I’m sure if you think about who you were perhaps 5, 10 or 20 years ago, you’d see you’re better now than you used to be too.

If we make our goal “to be better than we used to be,” or perhaps follow Oprah Winfrey’s example – (at 14 Oprah made the decision and became committed to being the best she could be every day) then we are succeeding in our own life journey.

Goals, gifts and talents

I believe that we came to earth to express our soul’s love, our gifts and talents through our personality.  This is often called walking your soul’s path, or finding your higher purpose. Even if we have similar gifts and talents to others, because our personalities are so different, we’re going to express our gifts and talents in completely different ways.

We each have something to contribute to the world; something that will benefit mankind. We are each here to make a difference. Yes – that includes you too.  Even if you haven’t as yet found your higher purpose, you will do, when the time is right for you to express it in the world.

To reach your goals (and having goals is so important!) you have to become the person who is living their best life.

This involves constant study. It’s about reading books and going to workshops.  It’s about taking on-line courses.  Once you make your commitment to yourself and to your life, the universe will present you with the next book or course just at the right time.     Does all this study sound like hard work?  It isn’t. Its wonderful fascinating work as you learn about who you are and maybe find out why you’re here.

The right time

So, as you start this week, take a look at your life and focus on one or two areas that you want to try and improve over the next 30 days. It doesn’t have to be big life-changing things – in fact constantly taking small steps every day brings the biggest results.

The best time to do anything is Now (in fact its the only time). And the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

And as well as your achievement goals, focus on becoming a little better than you used to be. And watch as the universe begins to deliver your best life!

Now it’s over to you  as you know I loving hearing from you.  So please leave your thoughts and comments.  When you leave your comments you’re automatically be entered into my Comment Competition where you can win a free copy of my book: This and That. A Tea and Biscuit Philosophy on Life and the Law of Attraction.

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Rose Todd

  • Wayne says:

    It was really good reading this blog. Reading the quotes from Wayne Dyer and the reminder to focus on positive thoughts has improved my mood. I generally focus constructive thoughts, but it is always nice, to be encouraged to do so. Thank you Rose Todd and god bless you and your with perfect good health, unity and continued financial success. Wayne Daniel.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Wayne. I hope you’re well. Thank yo for your kind words. I too like to read something inspiring and be reminded that we can control our thoughts, and we can change them to happier thoughts. Life is so much better when you’re positive.
      Thank you again.
      Be well. Rose

  • Krishna says:

    Yes you are very kind generous and patient Rose
    Thank you

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Krishna. I appreciate your kind words. Rose

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