Will you cross the finishing line first?

Will you cross the finishing-line first?
Where will you be this time next year?

Good questions.  But I believe that starting with a different question will serve you better.

Where were you this time last year?  I know where I was, and in lots of ways I’m still in the same place this year – except I’m not – if you see what I mean.2015-2016

But what about you?  Has life over the last year, been steadily moving towards your dreams and the goals you set  at the beginning of 2016?  Have you reached the goals you set as a result of things not going as well as you’d hoped in 2015?

I can almost hear the resounding NO across the ether!

So, let’s you and I get down to business!

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with a particular aspect of your life – perhaps your love life, friendships, your work, health of finances?  Did any of your 2016 resolutions and goals aim at changing any of the above?   And have you done that?

Even though you know better, do you sometimes find yourselves blaming others or circumstances for your dissatisfaction and unhappiness?    (Now, be truthful about this – remember I read Facebook so I know what’s really going on!)

Often when an athlete is running a race, particularly if they are coming first, almost unconsciously, they being to slow their pace a little as they get close to the finish-line.  And this is when the runner in second place, puts on a spurt and wins the race.

Tony Robbins says that more races are lost because of slowing down towards the finishing-line, instead of increasing your speed.

Have you noticed, we are heading for Christmas at a frightening rate?  We are nearing the finish-line of 2016.

November rolls into December quicker than you can say ‘I’ll do better next year’.  And then suddenly, Christmas has gone. And – having eaten yourself silly with delicious Christmas fare – suddenly 2017 is knocking at the door, and you’ll be in exactly the same place as you were in January 2015 and 2016, making promises to yourself to change your life!

Let’s stoke up the fire now.  Let’s make a push for the finishing-line of 2016 so that when 1st January comes, you’ve done the preparatory energy work: you’ve identified the belief that’s held you back for the last two years and you’re ready to swing into the new year with great enthusiasm.

If you’ve read any law of attraction, success and personal development books, or listened to any talks, watched videos, then you’ll know that one of the most important things everyone mentions is, that you can’t do this alone!  I have several people I bounce ideas off and my son does my IT (without him we’d be sunk!) and I have a mentor.  This is my investment in myself and my continued personal and spiritual growth.

To make good and steady progress towards your dream, it’s essential that you make the commitment to yourself and to your future.

Creating the life of your dreams takes clarity, focus and dedication.
Being accountable to someone outside yourself is one of the best way of keeping focused and staying on track.  Having someone to help you draw your map to the future, someone who will give you the strength to climb the mountains and the courage to slay the dragons, is the greatest gift you can give yourself this Christmas.

happy-new-yearTo help you cross the finish-line of 2016 with flags flying, I’ve decided to run a special Coaching Offer.  The offer is 3 x 1 hour sessions in which ..
* you’ll discover what you want in life
* identify the beliefs that are holding you back and
* we’ll plan a practical and workable map for the coming year, so that by the 1st January, you have your feet firmly on the ladder to success.

This offer of 3 sessions for £99 is not on my website (It’s especially for you, now, so if you’re interested, please let me know by email on [email protected] ).   However I’ll only be holding the offer open until Tuesday 6th November at 8pm, when I post the next week’s blog.

Don’t get to the first week in January 2017 realising that you are no closer to your dreams than you were in 2015!  Get a head start and email me now!

As always, I love hearing from you, so please leave your comments, or email me.

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