Law Of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale and How To Live In A Crazy World

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel as if we’re living in a crazy world?
What with the upheaval of Brexit that’s going to affect us all in one way or another and now the unknown quantity of Donald Trump as president of the most powerful and influential country in the world, it really does seem as if the world has gone crazy.

As if there isn’t enough to deal with in life, without the political situations throwing us into disarray.

You may feel that the world has gone crazy and your life is upside down, but here’s how the Law of Attraction can give you a centre: a centre that holds hope: a centre from which you can create a life that is not dictated or influenced by outside circumstances.

If you’ve tried to create things in life before and have not had much success, please don’t stop reading.

Do you remember when you first started to ride a bike?  You got on the bike and maybe you stayed up-right for a couple of pedals before falling off.  Did you give up, or did you get back on your bike and keep at it, until you learned the complicated system of pushing the pedals to propel you forward and keeping your balance on two very thin, rotating wheels?

Did you give up after the first attempts?  No you didn’t!  You stuck at it and you discovered an incredible freedom!

Well, I can offer you incredible freedom too – the freedom of feeling good no matter what the circumstances.

You know there’s nothing more important than feeling good, but sometimes if you’re not feeling good, it’s really tricky to suddenly be happy and joyful.  In fact – it’s impossible!

It’s not possible to move from feeling pretty low to suddenly feeling great!   The jump in vibration is too big to sustain.

If you’ve ever  been boating in the Wiltshire area of England, you’ve undoubtedly come across The Caen Locks.  These are a series of 29 locks that rise 237 ft.  The same applies to the boats – they can’t ‘jump’ up 237 ft.

When you arrive, you sail slowly into the first lock.  The gates close and the lock floods and takes you up to the same water level in the next lock.  When the water levels are the same, then the other gates open and you can sail into the next lock at a new level.  You go through 29 locks before you get to the top and onto the river.

Well, our emotions are the same as the locks – we need to move slowly up through the Caen Locks until you reach the end lock – happiness.

It’s not too difficult.  All you need to do is to make a small adjustment in your thoughts – always reaching for a better feeling thought.  Everything is about emotions, and if you’re in the bottom lock, the only emotion you’re looking for is one of relief.

When you feel relief, hold your new thoughts and feelings  while the lock fills and the water level (and your emotions) stabilises and then you can move easily into the next emotional lock.

Abraham-Hicks has a brilliant Emotional Scale that lays out our emotions from the heaviest and most dense emotions to the highest vibrational feelings.

You talk yourself up the scale.   It’s relatively easy to make small shifts at a time.
You can do this!  You’re already talking yourself into feeling anxious, hurt or angry – so you can talk yourself into feeling great – one lock at a time.

It is possible to create all you want in life, despite the upheaval of Brexit and the forecast of financial disaster. You can live a happy and successful life.

You can achieve your most important goal.  You are a magnificent creator and you are greater than your circumstances and there’s a wonderful view from the top lock!     abraham-hicks-emotional-scales-image

If you’d like to know more about Abraham-Hicks and the Emotional Scale click the link.


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