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One of the things people often tell me is that they don’t believe in themselves. They say ‘I just didn’t believe I can do it’.  The ‘IT’ is creating an amazing life!
I’m sure you know the feeling – I certainly do. The memories of feeling inferior and lacking of confidence are really painful and keep us from doing so many things we’d love to do.

Perhaps, for you, they are more than memories, perhaps you still have these feelings now.

Even though you try so hard, things don’t work out for you and feelings of being discouraged and disappointed flood over you and you feel as if there is no point, and stopping trying. Its soul destroying.  And it certainly destroys any belief we have in ourselves.

Your life is created by they beliefs you have about yourself and the world, and if you  have no self-belief,  you wont have great manifestations.

Someone just telling you to “believe in yourself” isn’t helpful! If you’re like me, you need things to do: steps to take.

Here are some of the things that helped me.     self-belief-3

Steps to increase leaves of self-belief
1. You have a dream. Even if it’s a Disneyland-type of dream – you still have a dream.  Using your imagination ( the most powerful tool of creation) take a few mental pictures from your dream and stamp these pictures indelibly in your mind.    Never let them fade. Never doubt the reality of it.  Never doubt the power of your imagination and your mental images.
Always picture success!

2. Don’t build obstacles with your imagination! We let our fears do the imagining, but even our fears are just ‘imagination’ and not true – until we make them so with repeated thoughts and intense emotions.
Shrink the dragons and mountains that block your path until they are the size of children’s toys.  Press the Minimise button until they are either very small, or until they are just an icon on your tool bar!
Look at your genuine difficulties, they are showing you the way forward to finding solutions.

3. Whenever a negative thought concerning your personal power comes to into your mind, deliberately say a positive thought louder and more frequently. Repeat the positive thought, with intense emotions, longer and louder to overcome and ‘cancel’ the negative one.  self-belief-finger
Affirmations are brilliant for this.  Even if at first you don’t believe the affirmation,
consistent repetition will help lay a new belief.
I rather like the idea of writing I believe in ME on a finger.

Self-belief is a state of mind and it is a choice.  Perhaps it’s a choice you didn’t realise you had – but you do.  Make a new choice now.  You can choose what you want to believe about everything in life (in fact you have already done so).  Do you want to continue to believe you have no worth and that you’ll never live a happy and fulfilling life?    No, I know you don’t.

Changing your beliefs is not something you do once, or by next week: it’s not something you can cross it off your To Do List – and it’s done.  Keep the image of your dream alive. Hold the pictures in your mind and  say your affirmations 10 times a day for at least 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how your life begins to change.

I use what I call my 30 Day Diary to help keep my visualisations and affirmations on track.  This is a process I’ve developed and it works not only for me, but for others that have used it too.  Steve said about the process “I now understand the Law of attraction at a much deeper level and I know I can create the things I want in life… ” Steve P. UK

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