Spring Equinox

I have to make a decision.  Do I do this or do I do that?  Do I write about yesterday’s St Patrick’s Day or do I write about the forthcoming Spring Equinox on the 23rd March?  It’s a bit like being on a seesaw – first this and then that.   

IEquinox’ve decided! I’m going with the Equinox as this is when, for a few days the day and night are the same length, light and dark are balanced.  And although you may not think that will affect you much – it will. If our ‘little’ moon can hurl our oceans and every drop of water on our planet back and forth every 12 hours, then the movement of our beautiful earth around the sun has got to affect us too.

 Over the few days of the equinox, when light and dark equal: in balance, it should be easy to find ‘balance’ in ourselves.  The ‘dark’ side of our lives, the worry and concerns, can seem less obvious and we can become aware of the ‘lighter’ part of ourselves, bringing us a clarity that will give us the confidence to know where we are going and how we’re going to get there.   

Unfortunately, dealing with our big bad wolves and the Troll are the most difficult things about creating the life we want.  We all have trouble with these mythical creatures even though we create them ourselves with our imagination, thoughts and feelings.  Our minds become obsessed with the very things we fear.  

But don’t ignore or suppress your fears and anxiety. You may feel as if you push them aside while you keep busy, but they are still there – creating a life you don’t want. Fear is the mind imagining scary things we don’t want to happen.   

Remember, everything you think, believe, say and do is creating your life, moment by moment.  In my opinion, understanding that you are the creator of your life and that you are creating everything with your imagination, your expectations and your thoughts and feelings, plays a huge part in being able to slay the big bad wolves and the Troll – because after all, even though they seem very real (and oh, goodness me, that  feel very ‘real’)– you’re only imagining them.   

Use the few days over the equinox to focus on clarity and confidence and find the courage to make the changes you want to change.  Use for the 4 Cs as an affirmation: I have the Clarity, the Confidence and the Courage I need to create the Change I desire.  

Change your beliefs and you will change your world.

the speaker at the Positive Living Group on Thursday 27th March is Jenny Cox, talking about The Balance Procedure. This is a brilliant, simple way to bring ourselves into alignment with our Inner Being.

https://rosetodd.com/positive-living-group-hertfordshire/     Hope to see you there.



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Rose Todd

  • Judy says:

    I’m so looking forward to a few days of balance after a roller coaster ride the past few months! I am currently trying to focus on creating one particular thing at a time in my life rather than multiple things…but does that mean by letting the other 100 worries go that I am creating 100 worries?!!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy – thank you for writing. You certainly have been on a roller coaster hide and could do with time sitting in the sun watching the daffodils grow. But I don’t think that comes into your life does it?
      As for focusing on creating only one thing in your life – focus on it with passion, enthusiasm and love and then other 99 things you want will jump on your happiness bandwagon, and loads of good things will come flooding into your life.
      Sunday is the Equinox – perhaps you could ‘do’ less on that day? See you sometime. Rose

  • Hi Rose loved that post … Have taken your C`s and will print them out and put them on my vision wall.

    P.S/ … I will phone in a couple days …

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi David. Thanks for your comment. The 4 Cs are a good thing to remember – individually they are powerful – but the synergy of them together, they are unstoppable. Talk to you soon. Rose

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