A new light on the old

This last weekend I attended a course, perhaps more of a workshop, on Flower Essences and the Seven Stages of the Wheel of the Soul.  

But the Flower Essences discussed were not my beloved Bach Flowers although they were mentioned – how could they not be: their concept is at the core of every flower essence – but it was about the Flora of the Flower Essences Society which is based in California.  

When presenting a new concept, we have to anchor it with something we know. So the seven stages were linked to the astrology of the seven visible planets and the days of the weeks – and it’s also possible to connect these seven stages of the development of man from birth to death via the chakra system. The theory behind this is, that by understanding the map of the Soul, it is possible to analyse where someone is stuck and give them to the help they need to be able to move forward.  

It was a lovely weekend and I met some wonderful people. Not only did I find my way to a part of England I didn’t know existed (without the use of a satnav – and only got lost twice) but it broadened my ideas of the scope of what flower essences can do.   

WildRoseI came away realising that I want to give time to seeing the Bach Flower Essences in a new light, to look at them from a different perspective.  

We are all inclined to look at things from only one point view – but there are two sides to a coin.  And as someone once said to me (with apologies to the Irish) that when two Irishmen meet, they will have at least three political opinions.  We can become too familiar with what we know and it is very good to be presented with a completely different view point.  

Will I take any of it on board?  I’m not sure yet. This is something I’ll have to think about.  

But I’d like to end with a quote that is relevant:

Today he can discover his errors of yesterday and tomorrow he can obtain a new light on what he things himself sure of today.”  From the Prayer of Maimonides. Jewish philosopher and physician, Egypt 1135-1204


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