You can do it! Ignite.

And I did do it!  I went into London to see what it was all about.   This was the first event of its kind that the Hay House has run.  The event was to introduce ‘the new authors for the coming year’.  

My main intention for the weekend was to discover what the Hay House considered to be the lead-edge messages for the coming year; to meet some lovely people and have fun.  

There was a real mixture of speakers: 12 over the 2 days. Some speakers were English and some had come from America: some spoke my ‘language’ and some didn’t.  And it wasn’t necessarily the Americans that I didn’t resonate with.   

Rose Todd and Sandy NewbiggingI’d heard some speak on other occasions; some I’d heard of but hadn’t read their books or heard  them speak and some were completely new to me. I met some old friends – here’s me with Sandy Newbigging – and made some new ones too.  

There was no unique message – not even anything new.

The only thing that was new and unique was each speaker’s individual approach to life and their spirituality.  

But enough waffle and down to the nitty-gritty as I’m sure you’re as interested as me in what is ‘trending’ at the Hay House.  

Here are some of the core messages from the speakers:

It’s all about living from our heart: ‘being’ loving in everything we ‘do’.

Making money is connected to self-worth. Self-worth is our own concept of our self and is entwined with our net worth. (Me: But this doesn’t only apply to money – it applies to everything in our lives).

Be clear about what’s in your heart: be at peace with your emotions.

Awareness is everything.

We are all searching for enlightenment and it is already within us all.  

And this is one that I really like, as it moulds together with the concept of my teachings: Nothing changes until you do.  “Acceptance is the foundation of change.”  Pam Grout – E Squared  

There is enough blog-fodder here for weeks to come, however I’m going to reiterate that ‘Nothing changes until you do’ – and mention that before you can change, you have to accept and come to peace with where you are.  And this is the tricky thing for all of us. 

Here’s an opportunity to recognise what you need to change and to help you make those changes.

I’m holding a workshop on the Law of Attraction on Saturday 15th March.

The Law of Attraction is just the mechanics of how the Universe  works and it always responds to You.  If your life is not as you want it to be – you are the one that has to change.

There are tools and techniques to help you recognise and make the changes you need to make so you can create the things you want in your life.  

There are still places available for Saturday’s workshop.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to turn your life around – and you can do it – in one day.  I have done it! Others have done it before you and You Can Do It too!   

Here is the link that will take you directly to the Workshop page.

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Rose Todd

  • Marilyn Tuck says:

    Good for you! Sorry that I am too far away to attend.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Marilyn. Hope you’re doing well back home. I’m sorry too. It would have been great to go together.

  • Alan says:

    Iam coming Saturday,,live 8 miles from Hertford
    See ya then captain!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Excellent. You’re on the list.
      Seeya on Saturday. Rose

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