New Blog. Law of Attraction and the See Saw.

So many are saying we need balance.  So many are searching for balance.
Is it really about being balanced, I ask?
Do we really want to be in balance all the time?


When I was young, I would sometimes stand astride the centre of the see-saw.  I would transfer my weight from one side to another, until I had found the sweet spot, where the see-saw was in perfect balance. Success!

Or was it?

Achieving balance wasn’t difficult.  But it was boring!  There was no movement; nothing to do. Life was static.

I don’t think we want balance at all.  I think we want flow and change all the time.

It’s my opinion that – and you know I always qualify what I’m saying with that statement before I make what could appear to be an unusual or strange statement – we want movement.

When I played on the see-saw, changing my weight from one side to the other – dipping it to the left, raising it to the right; controlling the rise and fall, by choice – keeping the see-saw in motion was fun.

Fun – again in my opinion – is what life is all about! We are emotional beings and we’ve come to earth to create joy.  We want to have fun.

We want to laugh. We love to play. We love to create success – success equals happiness in anyone’s book I think. We are emotional beings that like movement and change. Even those who don’t like change, they like being still even less.

Just as I did with the see-saw, we like to keep things in motion. In fact, we could be summed-up easily, in one word, E-motion – Energy in motion.

To keep moving, we need the dips of life: we need the things we don’t like in order to show us what we do like. Its only when we experience something we don’t like, are we able to make a choice and raise the other side of the see-saw. The contrast and variety in life are our reason to keep moving and grow.

Do you really want to live a balanced life?  I hope not.

I believe there’s another answer – harmony.
I’d like to live in harmony. I love it when I dance in harmony with my soul’s energy and life flows smoothly, beautifully and joyously.   I love it when I dance in harmony with my loved ones and friends.    I love it when I find peace in harmony with nature.

I love it when I’m in touch with, and in harmony with my creative nature, and ideas and visualisations flow freely.

When we’re happy, and in harmony with life and our soul, the Law of attraction responds and good things flow into our lives.

I don’t want balance. I’m voting for harmony – what about you?

If you want to find harmony with your soul-energy, use Bach Flower Essences, as I do.

If you have any comments, please write. I so enjoy hearing from you.

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Rose Todd

  • Solange says:

    Hi Rose 🙂

    I really enjoy your video about your book and who knows we’ll be meeting at Readings on Rosana Souto workshop. I represent the Florais de Saint Germain flower essence in the UK.
    I wish you a lovely day
    Sol x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Solange. Thank you for writing, and thank you too for your comments on This and That. Your copy will be in the post tomorrow.
      I had decided not to go to Rosana’s workshop. I’m afraid I like the Bach method of mixing our own remedies according to our needs. I noticed at her last workshop, she was using a lot of ‘pre-mixed/combination’ remedies, so I wont be going. I wish you and Rosana well with the talk and the workshop.
      Warm wishes Rose

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