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The cool breeze was very welcome after the heat of the last few days. The grey clouds of morning were still hanging low in the sky as my sister-in-law and I started to walk across the meadow.

She had suggested that we go for an early morning walk, leaving my brother and The Dog to have the luxury of a lie-in.  As it was my last morning in Cumbria and I was eager to go for a walk.  Without The Dog, it would be a brisk walk!  Lovely.  The pace of our morning walks is normally dictated by how many interesting things The Dog finds to sniff.

This morning’s walk would be faster than normal. We took a different path this time – a path that was unknown to me.

We came to a farm gate of a meadow, and having checked there were no cows there (I’m not so fond of being in the same field as cows – they’re very big!) we went through the gate.

There was a well-worn path along the hedge of the field and I naturally started along that path, but my sister-in-law said “we’re not going that way.  Do you see that gate over there –  diagonally at the other side of the field – we’re going there”.  And so we set out to walk across the field.

Although the grass was not high (as you can see) there was no path and so we walked slowly, carefully missing the rabbit holes and cow pats.

As I was making my way, the grass brushing my ankles, I remembered how often I’ve used the analogy of creating a new belief is like making a new path as you cross the meadow – and here was I now, doing just that!

In the still and unhurried pace of life in Cumbria, it was almost as if I’d done the ‘filing’, throwing out what wasn’t quite right and keeping what felt right and filing it in the correct place.

Once again everything was clear and I am making a new path across the meadow: laying a new belief in my subconscious mind that will lead me to my dreams.

But that is not the end. One swallow does not make a summer, as they say, and so crossing the meadow once does not form a new belief.

So as I step towards my new goals with greater clarity, I have once again, started a new 30 Day Diary, to write my dreams and aspirations; my visualisations and my affirmations because repetition with intense feelings forms all our beliefs and this time I’m placing in my subconscious mind the positive belief that I can achieve my heart’s desire and I can live a life I absolutely love living.

And of course you can too by clarifying your vision and changing your beliefs by crossing the meadow.

If you’d like to know more about the 30 Day Diary, have a look here.

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Rose Todd

  • Laura Ferguson says:

    Hello Rose,
    I like reading your messages because you always sound so positive and action-oriented. I’m wondering if you have complete faith because you have been putting into practise your beliefs for so long or if you have always been confident in our ability to create what we desire in our lives. I ask this because I really want to believe that I can attract the life I want, but I’m wondering if my doubts about my own capabilities, or scepticism that this actually works, is blocking the path to the life I really want. I hope that all makes sense!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Laura. Thank you so much for writing, for reading the blogs and your kind words.
      You ask an interesting question.
      I have always ‘known’ there was a God, so my faith in God is absolute. Looking back, I can remember times when I consciously made decisions that I wanted something to happen, so I knew it would, and then it did! But I didn’t know how I did it.
      Then my spiritual teachings started to teach, You Create Your Own Reality! Yes! Now I could find out how I do it.
      My turning point was when I consciously made a decision to find out everything I could about how it worked.
      My faith lies in the process. I understand more than enough to know that the law of attraction is always and only ever, responding to us.
      The real problem for me has been (and often still is) – I doubt myself and suffer the desperation of uncertainty. I’m very familiar with the feelings of being ‘lost’. I don’t doubt the process ever – that just works – but I doubt me. After all the universe responds to me. Fortunately, I have never doubt the fire in my belly that keeps drawing me forward.
      So the way I teach about consciously creating the dream, is that we have to change: we have to change our ideas about who we are, dropping all the limiting beliefs.
      The first step is to become aware – of the fact that you are a powerful creator and how you feel – all the time.
      Everything has to do with why you’re feeling as you are.
      I’ve always asked myself, Who am I? and Why am I here? But it was some time before I asked ‘How do I get there?’
      The process of life is learning how to create fun and success, learning how to manifest what you and, by coming to recognise who you are and why you’re here.
      And, my vision, my purpose in life, is to make you journey quicker and easier than mine. I’ve forged a path through the ‘jungle’ and now I can offer you a map.
      This is longer than you expected, but I hope it gives you faith in the process – it actually does work. You definitely have the capabilities to create what you want in life, its a journey of self-discovery, while you’re having fun manifesting!

  • Rose Todd says:

    Dear Laura.
    Thank you once again for writing. I have replied to you directly, rather than on the blog.
    Take care

  • Lynn says:

    Dear Rose
    When I first saw your face I felt an overwhelming desire to know you better. I believe reading your uplifting words and seeing life from a slightly different perspective has helped me. I have not regained my strength after two serious illnesses cancer and two major operations, but this time of infertility has not been barren as I have had much more time to ponder and meditate. Thank you for being my friend along the way. God bless you love Lynn x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Lynn. Thank you for writing and for your very kind words. It always helps to take a new look at life, however we do get ‘locked’ in the circumstances of our lives. Dealing with life threatening illnesses is debilitating and takes courage an d perseverance to pull through. Congratulations.
      I think its vital to ponder and meditate on life. I often use winter as my time to hibernate, like a bear. I’m sure both help contribute to your recovery.
      I’m not sure if you know, but I use the Bach Flower Essences to help me heal and soothe my emotions. There is a wonderful Bach essence called Olive that is for exhaustion and fatigue after a prolong illness. It sounds as if this could benefit you now.
      I have a Facebook Bach Flower Group – you like to look at it, and join if it appeals to you. Here’s the link.
      Thank you once again for writing Lynn, I love to hear from you and I do appreciate it.
      Warm wishes

  • Eleanor says:

    So inspiring, looking at new paths, but also slowing the pace, looking where we are going. Thank you!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Ellie. Thank you for leaving your comment. I think taking care, and slowing the pace is essential as we forge a new path to anything. And at this particular time in our lives, going slowly into the future, so we don’t trip in the rabbit holes or tread in cow pats, is the best way, don’t you.
      Thank you once again. Rose.

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