Prosperity and Abundance

Prosperity_and_abuandanceHow many times have you heard that you can have anything and everything you wish for? Probably more times than you can count.  Why, haven’t I said it many times myself?

And do you now have the prosperity and abundance you want – if you’re reading this blog, perhaps not?

However it is so. Anything you wish can flow effortlessly into your life if you understand how the law of attraction works, which, in a nut shell is, that …. energy flows where attention goes.

It seems that we live in a world that emphasises scarcity and lack when really there is no shortage of anything. There really is enough food, money, joy, happiness, spiritual fulfilment and love for everyone.
So, bearing in mind the above ‘nutshell’, as most of us think of abundance as being money, let’s use that as an example.
If you want to create more money in your life then start out by imagining (visualising) a greater flow of money pouring into your life.
I’m sure you’ve been to a big railway station or an airport where the Arrival and Departure boards change with numbers and letters flipping over giving different times. Imagine that’s happening in your bank account and the money is flowing in and the numbers and the balance is always increasing.

Or you could pay yourself a cheque for the sum you want to receive by the end of the month or year and either, post it to yourself (2nd class so it takes a day or two to get to you, so you can be surprised when you open it) or print it off and put it on the fridge or somewhere you can see it often.

Here’s another idea – make a donation to your favourite charity and know that you can afford it, can you imagine how amazing it would feel to have financial freedom?

Imagine: visualise what you would do and where you would go if you had financial freedom and how it will change your life. Really let yourself feel it is already so.  (This will raise your vibrations – remember the law of attraction always matches vibrations).

Now, think of how you will use your financial prosperity to contribute and give back within your community. Imagine how good it would feel to help others and to really make a difference in their lives.    Remember to take a moment to be thankful for everything you already do have. Generate and keep the gratitude flowing, raising your vibrations higher and higher.

By doing this you are creating a vibrational match for the financial abundance that you want to attract into your future life.  (Don’t you love the photo of people laughing in joy – that’s matched vibrations).

In order to create and receive abundance in your life you must be willing to change and move towards your goals on an inner level as well as on an external level.

A last look at the nutshell: whatever you focus on expands, so don’t allow yourself to entertain any limiting thoughts or beliefs. Focus your thoughts, feelings and energy instead on expanding and unlimited possibilities that are available to you.

I’ve developed a brilliant tool to help you make the necessary changes; to release limiting and restricting beliefs, so that everything you want can flow to you easily. Have a look, it might just be want you’re looking for.


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