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Step-into-successWould you like to achieve your goals – to live a meaningful life, that’s rich and rewarding and filled with love – and do it all without struggle?   It’s a silly question, really, isn’t it? Because I already know your answer.

I believe there’s a reason you’ve clicked on this blog today and that’s because, today’s blog holds a piece of the jigsaw that can make a difference to your life.  Today I’m going to share one of the basic things about about life and manifestation that took me many years to work out and a whole world of searching to discover.

But first, just think for a moment. Everything in nature; everything – down to the last blade of grass – has within it the urge to grow. This urge to grow is so strong that that blade of grass will force its way through the tiniest crack in the concrete, as it stretches towards the sunlight.

I believe the same life energy is in you too; urging you to grow and stretch towards the light so that you can express who you are in fuller and more expansive ways. It urges you to dream dreams so powerful that you long to turn those dreams into reality.

A long time ago there were a lot of things I wanted to change in my life.  When I discovered that I create my own reality, I made a commitment.  That commitment was to find out all I could about how life works and how I fit into life so that I could live my dreams.  I believe that when we know how life works we can create anything we want.

We now realise that there are invisible laws in our universe (one of which is now called the law of attraction) that govern the world of non-physical energy as well as our visible, physical world and when we understand and work within these invisible laws, we’ll be successful.

Einstein discovered that non-physical energy becomes physical matter. Putting it another way: our non-physical thoughts become physical things.  There are ways that we can transform our dreams, turning  possibilities into reality.

The first and most important point is that everything is created twice. 

The computer, telephone or laptop you’re using to read this blog, the chair you’re sitting on, the coffee or tea you’re drinking, your house, your car, your work and your relationships all were created twice.  Everything is created twice.

The first time is when you become discontented with something in your life.  Suddenly an idea drops into your mind of a different life – a better life than the one you’re living now.  This idea is a longing, a desire for something more: perhaps a burning desire to stretch upwards through a crack in the concrete to reach the sunlight?

If you like the idea, you’ll mull over it and it grows and it grows.  But it is still only an idea that’s held in the non-physical world.

Reach inside, define you’re burning desire to change your life, and the idea soon becomes your dream.  Imagine it (imagination is the most powerful tool of creation), imagine every detail and feel it.  This is your passion and your creativity that you’re expressing in ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Suddenly, your idea seems so real that you must tell someone about it: you must you must speak it. Even it is only to yourself!

Our voice and our words are the beginning of physical manifestation. 

Speak it! Your dream has now moved from the creative right side of your brain into the ‘action’ left side.   But still it is not enough to bring about the second stage of manifestation: still not enough to turn it into the physical  things that we so desparately want.

Now you write it down.  The writing process is very powerful.  We always create more of what we’re focusing on and to write, we put intense focus on our words as they are expressed through the point of a pen.  Writing turns our focus into a laser beam.

You’re now beginning to change your thoughts into things.

You are now in the process of the second creation.  Writing the story of your dream is the first step of transforming the possibilities of your dream into the reality of your life.

Write the dream: the new story of your life with as much intensity, as much colour and love as you can.  This process has to be so intense, that as you write the new story of your life, it is vital that you begin to believe that it is so.  It is the intensity of your emotions that brings your dream alive.

How do you make your success real?

Fall in love with the dream!

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Rose Todd

  • Bego says:

    I loved reading your blog. I am going to put it into practice right away. Thank you Rose!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Bego. Thank you for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. I was going to say, there is no time like the present, – but there is only this present moment – so starting right away is the only thing to do!
      I wish you every success.
      Take care and happy creating.

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