Law of Attraction and Creation and Manifestation

‘They’ say that time goes quickly when you’re having fun. I’m sure you’ve noticed, it really does. I certainly did. .

I exhibited at my favourite Mind Body Soul event over the weekend and had great fun, so the weekend just flashed by and before I knew it I was packing up to go home on Sunday afternoon.

I talked to lots of lovely people about creation – and occasionally manifestation. We’ve all become so hung up with the manifestations, that we forget that manifestation always follows creation. Get the creation bit right – and you really don’t have to worry about the manifestations: they’ll just turn up at exactly the right time.

But somehow, I feel you’re not completely sold by this.
So let me tell you a short story.
A long time ago, when I was at school (so you can tell how long ago that was), in science we were taught about Cause and Effect. We weren’t told it was a ‘law’, it was just how life worked.

This example works really well. If you have a toy on wheels and attach a piece of string to the toy, and then pull the piece of string, the toy will come towards you. You pulling the string is the Cause. The effect is the toy came towards you. If you pull the string, the toy will come towards you! That’s how life works.

Time goes on and few people talk about Cause and Effect any more.  It’s now got a really posh name – it’s now called the Law of attraction.

Sadly, this amazing powerful law has been given ‘power’ beyond its means. Many have ‘sold’ this law as a manifesting technique. ‘If you think this… then you can attract what you think about to you’. The implication is that what you want is ‘just hanging’ around ‘up there’ waiting to be attracted to you. This gives the Law of attraction the ‘power’ of creation.

Not so, I’m afraid. You are the Creator – and the Law of attraction is only the delivery van – albeit a very powerful delivery van. You are the Cause of your life: you are pulling the string!

The key to consistent, successful manifestation, is understanding how to create!

Before you could drive a car, you learnt about the peddles, how the gear lever worked and how to put fuel in it – and a few more things besides. You didn’t have to know how the engine worked in order to drive it.

We don’t have to understand the physics or quantum physics of our universe, but it really does help you get consistent, successful manifestations when you understand your part in the creation process.

That’s what I talked about at the Mind Body Soul event – and here are some of the comments I received:
‘It all makes sense. Now I know why nothing I want manifests’. ‘That’s brilliant! I want more!!’

If want ‘more’; if you want to find out how the law of attraction really does work, I have an on-line course that explains it all and gives you tools and techniques to use too.

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