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I leaned on the stone wall of the bridge and looked down at the river.  Although I generally worked the Law of Attraction well lately I had been feeling low and heavy.   The Law of Attraction and being able to live your best life is a  wonderful concept I know, but don’t you agree, that sometimes it seems so hard to get there.

However I did know better. I knew I created my own life – after all I been doing it successfully for years.

Sticking point

But I wasn’t getting anywhere with my project. Do you know I’m writing a book – yes that’s right- it’s the book I’ve been working on for the last 10 years!

I always get to the same place, and then can’t seem to move it any further.  I was at the sticking point again and was discouraged and disappointed.  I so wanted to get past this point, this time.  Writing a book is a big dream of mine.  I don’t want to get to the end of my life and say ‘oh I wish I’d just tried a little harder to push through that familiar sticking point’.  Writing a book is definitely part of living my best life plan.

Law of Attraction – Problem v solution

I’d become so focused on the problem that I wasn’t able to see the solution.  And as you know that the Law of Attraction always delivers more of what you’re focusing on.  So. for me,  the problem seem to be getting bigger and bigger.


The sun was shining so I’d decided to go out for a walk. I enjoy being outside and took my phone/camera to look for things to photograph so I could change my focus completely. I took photos of flowers and of trees with their white clouds of flowers that bring light to our life hoping that something would clear my mind.

The river was flowing gently and slowly under the bridge and it seemed to be talking Law of Attraction philosophy… ‘There’s no hurry. We’ll get where we’re going at exactly the right time’.  And it’s right – life always unfolds with perfect timing,

I looked over to the allotments beside the river. Some of the plots still carried the remains of  winter but now had become over-run with weeds (the old beliefs are running wild)  but some plots had newly turned soil. A couple of retired men were digging away. It seemed a lot of hard work, but I knew how much they’d enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Often idle moments of musing bring forth deep philosophy. And I thought – we’re just like ‘gardeners’ with our creation and manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

To enjoy the fruits

If we want to live our best life but don’t put in the ‘hard work’, then our lives will be like the plots over-run with the weeds of old beliefs and there’ll be no fruits to enjoy.

Our lives are created (unconsciously) from the beliefs we have in our subconscious mind. These beliefs are laid down thought by thought, feeling by feeling, moment by moment. And the only way we change our beliefs is the same way they’re laid down  – by being aware of every negative thought that pops into our mind, and changing it for a positive one.

I’m sorry to tell you this – but it’s hard work, it takes discipline and it takes patience – just like gardening. But, just like gardening, when you put in the work you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and live your best life.

If you’d like to know more about the Law of Attraction and how to live your best life have a look at my Learn it.  Live it. Love it Law of Attraction Workshop reply.  It’ll give you the motivation and the understanding to move past your sticking point so you can get to your goal.


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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    oh Rose do tell us the next part of this story

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Krishna. That was the end of the story. It was about putting in the work to gain the fruits of your labours.
      If you mean about the book – still planning to write it. But I’m getting closers now!

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