Law of attraction. Slime out. Light in.

Law-of-attraction-spring-cleaning-blogSpring is here and that means spring cleaning!

But this doesn’t only apply to cupboards you know. It applies to our minds too. It’s time for a Mind Spring Clean.

Although I do try not to throw punches (but I know I do) I’m throwing one now!

You, like the rest of us, are a sloppy thinker! Sloppy thinking is the cause of nearly all of our problems.

Our thoughts are sometimes like a run-away horse – particularly at 3am!

So, get your broom, dust pan and feather duster (after you’ve finished your tea, of course) and let’s get to it!

Being a particularly practical person I try very hard to focus on one thing at once.

And so, we’re going to start with the voice in your head: your inner critic. Your inner critic tells you what you can and can’t do! Your inner critic undermines your feelings of self-worth and destroys any sense you have of deserving anything.

The voice in your head is probably that of your mother or father.

Part of their ‘job’ as parents was to teach you how to live in society and how to keep safe. And, unfortunately whilst doing that, we were often criticised, hurt and humiliated. (Not good really!)

So, here’s your plan of action – time to turn your inner critic into your inner coach!

Get the broom, get the feather duster and bring a large black plastic bag because you’re going to fill it!

When an unwanted thought comes to mind, imagine reaching inside your mind, pulling out the thought and putting it in the bin bag! It’ll be black slimy gunk that covers your heart, so perhaps you should wear rubber gloves.

As you catch your inner critic reminding you of your ‘limitations’, immediately replace it with a positive thought – which of course is bright and shiny and filled with light! Have short affirmation ready for just this purpose. I am confident. I can do it!

But if you can’t think of one, perhaps you could use this: Slime out. Light in! That will make you smile so it will definitely lift your mood.

Life has changed radically over the last five decades. We see life in totally different way now and so the old rules and regulations we were given as a child, don’t work anymore. We live in a new world where there is only one ‘rule’ is that you create your own reality!

Do it with joy.We have no limitations other than what we place on ourselves.slime-out-light-in

PS. I wonder what the Light will reveal under the slimy black gunk. Find out next week.

If you’d like to know more about the inner critic and self-worth, click here for information on my new I AM Worth It workshop which is on the 9th May.

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