Law Of Attraction. Total Transformation?

I’m not a shopper and I definitely don’t ‘do’ browsing.  But I’ve just been browsing through a website of one of the big Mind Body Spirit publishers and I found a couple of books I thought were interesting.

The first one is Transform Your Life by Kyle Gray (he’s an ‘angel man’).

My immediate thought about transformation, and I’ve mentioned this before, is that Cinderella was very lucky!
She had fairy-godmothera fairy god-mother who had a wand!  At the swish of the wand, Cinderella was transformed from a ‘cinders’ girl in her grubby, torn dress, into being freshly-scrubbed ‘princess’ in a stunning ball gown.  That flash of transformation also was able to do her hair and provide her with a sparkling tiara too.

Is it possible for us to be transformed as swiftly and completely as Cinderella?

Well, yes… but not at once.

I think of transformation as the veil of ‘illusion’ being lifted by inspiration and insights.  With a completely new understanding – you can hear all the cogs fall into place – suddenly you see life in a totally new way.   I’d say that’s transformation.

When this happens to you, you’re so excited you want to share it with everyone.  Then, the most amazing thing (and sad thing) happens!  That wonderful insight very quickly becomes your new ‘norm’ and the thrill subsides.  When you try to explain it to a friend, it sounds so ‘normal’.

And at this point your outer life is still the same – no sign of transformation there!

But the inspiration opens up a completely new world for you.

When you see life through different eyes, you automatically see a different world.

We live in the physical world of time and space and it takes time for our physical world to adjust to match our inner world.  Although you can make a different choice in an instant: physical change takes time.  Think how slowly the wheels of bureaucracy turn when it comes to making changes.

Transformation brings you a new perspective on life.  As you begin to take on this new perspective, you see your problems and concerns in a new light too.  You come to realise that you built the mountains, created the dragons and trolls and put all the boulders in your way and they were just ‘imaginary’ – even though they felt very real.

You can transform your life by waiting for inspiration to come to you, or you can actively seek it by frequently reading of listening to something uplifting.  I read inspirational books every morning before I start the world spinning.

I often read books for a second and in some cases for a third time, and I’m amazed how much I get from the second reading – more than I did from the first.

If you’re reading this blog, the chances are you’ve already downloaded the free 7 Secrets of Manifestation.  If not, download it now.  Did you read it?  Well, whether you did or didn’t, how about reading it (again) now.  You’ll be amazing what you find that you missed the first time around.  Transformation could be waiting for you just to turn the pages.

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Rose Todd

  • Eleanor says:

    I was about to download your Conscious Creation and then discovered I had already downloaded it over a year ago but hadn’t read it! My goodness, how much time I’ve probably wasted……… I’ll read it tonight. Thank you.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Eleanor. I know the feeling! I have ‘several’books I’ve bought and not read. I often start a book but then ‘life happens’ and I move on to something else. But when I do go back to it, I’m stunned at how good it is.
      I believe that everything happens at the perfect time. So this is the ‘perfect’ time for you to read the 7 Secrets.
      And if you have any insights or comments, please get in touch. I do love to hear from you.
      Thank you for writing.
      warm wishes

  • Debz says:

    Hi Rose, love this blog – it really helps me to understand that it’s the little things that build up to make a transformation happen. Daily habits that tip the balance of your day to make sure it feels more good than bad. So today I started the day reading one of your ‘This and That’ philosophies, and tonight I’ll go to bed (shortly!) and finish the day with an extract of Abraham Hicks. Surely a winning formula for tipping the balance towards transformation! Thanks, Debz X

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Debz. Thank you. I’m delighted that you’ve realised, really, the most important part of creating your own life. As you say, it is not the big things that make the difference, its the build up of being happy about the ‘little’ things. I’m glad you’re using This and That to help you start the day, and as you say, finishing off with a ‘bit of Abraham’ is a winning formula.
      I an feel the ‘shift’ in you! You are brilliant!
      Warm wishes

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