You wouldn’t have started down this road if you couldn’t get to the finish.

This Law of Attraction stuff really works!

When I came to live in England in 2008 I lodged with my brother and his wife while I settled down.  We were very comfortable together, but the time came for us all,  when I needed a home of my own.

The golden key

I knew that the Law of Attraction worked as I’d been manifesting what I wanted for years.  But creating a home was a big thing.
I started to visualise putting a golden key (of course it was a golden key) into the lock of my front door, turning the key and stepping over the threshold of my new home.  As I stepped inside my new home I would generate the feelings of gratitude until the tears of thankfulness would well up within me.

I didn’t know anything about my new home: where it was or even what it was.  I didn’t even know what the front door looked like – all I saw in the visualisation was radiant light shining off the golden key as I put it in a lock.  And all I felt was the powerful feeling gratitude and thankfulness.

I did this at least twice a day.  But I also took action and began looking for a house.  I’ve always lived in a house so it never occured to me to look for an apparentment.

You know how it is when you’re looking for a new home, it takes time and you look at all sorts of homes while you shift and sort through where you want to live and what sort of a home you want.  And I didn’t find anything that light my light!

But don’t forget, I’m speaking to the universe several times a day and feeling grateful as I cross the threshold of my new home and I knew that exactly the right thing would present itself.

Knowing beyond belief

And it did!  One day I stopped to look in an estate agent’s window and I was immediate drawn to a photograph of two red brick appartment blocks. I loved them.  I didn’t stop to think about.  I went inside and asked for the information.

We went exploring to find the appartments. Building had only just started – one block was at foundation height and the other was still a hole in the ground!

Can you imagine how excited I was about seeing this building site?  I was elated.

Have you ever had a ‘knowing’ that’s beyond belief? It’s amazing and a calm feeling at the same time. Well this was one of those times for me.
As I looked at the heaps of bricks, the cement mixers churning, the vans coming and going and all the workmen chatting and shouting to each other,  I knew they were building my home.  And I was content.  Now that doesn’t sound like a very powerful emotion, does it?  Perhaps it would be better said, I was a peace.

Now my visualisations increased and I looked at the brochure daily.  I couldn’t decide which appartment I wanted it,  so I just paged through the brochure looking at them all.

The elephant in the room

But there was an elephant in the room! And I’m sure you probably can guess what it was.  MONEY!

There was only one flat I could really afford – the smallest one.  And even that was pushing at my financial ceiling!

So I followed my own advice – the advice I give you all the time.

Don’t think about the How or When. Hold your feelings of what you want 

So I deliberately ignored the cost of the appartments and carried on looking at the brochure: and continued to put the golden key in my front door.

I also added a fun thing to generate good feelings and keep my feelings high.  Every two weeks or so, I would drive down the motorway with jazz on the stereo (jazz represents freedom).  As I came to ‘my junction’, I would start singing a little song “I’m going home.  I love my home.  I’m very grateful for my lovely new home” and any other things that popped into my mind.

Time rolled by and the building now had a roof!  The estate agent called me for a viewing.  My brother, sister-in-law and I met the agent to look around plastered grey brick boxes of rooms.

The elephant was now pushing his way into the middle of the room, demanding attention!  And I had no idea how to deal with it.

The agent mentioned that the smallest appartment (the only one I could – at a push) afford, had been reserved an hour before we arrived!

I was gutted!  So disappointed . I was close to tears.
I was so close to getting my appartment and now it seemed as if had slipped through my fingers.

So I went back to  my intention.  I couldn’t afford to hang around in disappointment now!

I ignored the elephant and closed my eyes for an instant and went back to my golden key with feelings of gratitude.  The agent showed us around one of the other appartments – which I liked a lot. I then said to the developer, “I want to live in one of your appartments – offer me one”.  So he offered me the one we’d just viewed and liked.

The elpahnt was now trumpting loudly!  I had to do something.  I’d done all the metaphyisics and now I went into business-like-practical mode and made him a ‘silly’ offer – which the developer refused.  I immediately turned to the agent and told him to find me another appartment and walked away!  It looked as if after all this time, my creation work was not going to manifest.

Sometimes you have to reach deep inside to pull yourself up.  So I did this and went back to the golden key and the I held the resonance of gratitude.

It really works

Suffice it to say the developer and I entered into financial negotiations.  I’d also like to say, that soon both the developer and I where extremely happy with the work of that day!  The universe had delivered.  (Shh. I got a really, really good deal – but please don’t tell!) And I was extremely grateful.

Once again time rolled by, my packing cases arrived and on the day my new bed was delivered, I moved into my lovely new home.

As I got into bed that night, exhausted from pushing, pulling  and unpacking boxes, as my head touched the pillow, I thought, with a contented sigh, “this law of attraction stuff not only works for small thing, it really does work for the big stuff too”.

I class this as a magnificent success.  And I can help you create your dreams
so you can live a life you love living.

Now its over to you.

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