Are You In ‘Sheep Mode’ too?

What if, regardless of what has happened in the past or what is going on around you, your dreams really could come true?

What would you be most excited about having in your life over the next few weeks, months or years?  Would you like to experience dramatic breakthroughs in your career, your business and finances, and in your relationships?  How about miraculous improvements in health and well being?

Yes. Yes. I know you’ve heard all that before – more than once – but does it seem that your illusive life is still, well, illusive.  If you’ve been waiting for it for some time, then perhaps even your visualisations have faded?

Perhaps you’re not really clear on how the Law of attraction works?

Human beings really are a punch of sheep!  We are inclined to follow the fellow in front!  I’ve recently read this saying “why do we try so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out?”

We are not sheep – we are unique and genius creators!  We’re not supposed to follow the fellow in front, we’re supposed to create our lives the way we want them!

Sshh! I’m now going to tell you something – but please don’t tell the others.  I’ve been in ‘sheep mode’ too!

I moulded my business on similar successful businesses – but my business wasn’t working. This didn’t ‘sit’ properly with me because I wasn’t being very clear in my message (because it wasn’t my message).  My message was always there, but it was ‘cloaked’.

So… here goes… It’s almost as if I’m coming out of the closet!

I am no longer in sheep mode!

We do create our own reality – yes, absolutely everything thing – lock, stock and barrel!

We do create our life from our belief system – both negative and positive.  But we cannot know what our beliefs are, because they’re ‘invisible’ to us – because we’re living it and we think it’s normal.   We view our lives through the lens of our beliefs. So everyone of us is living our own personally designed life, all the time – wanted and unwanted.

As we can’t identify the belief, we therefore can’t change it.   But you don’t have to!

There’s an easier way.

There is only this moment “Now” (i.e. right now) and in this moment “Now”, there is only one thing that’s ‘real’ – and that is how we feel.  We can identify our beliefs by how we feel.

But, here’s the biggest ‘secret’ ever.  You don’t have to change your beliefs – all you need to do, in this moment of “Now”, is to change how you feel!

That’s all you have to do!

When we consistently feel better, we form new positive beliefs and the old negative beliefs wither from lack of attention.

There are several ways of changing how you feel, but the obvious one for me is to take the appropriate Bach Flower Remedy, which magically, heals your believes, lifts your vibrations and brings you into emotional harmony with your desires, without you having to do much more than recognise how you feel.

And hey presto – life begins to get better, and the better it gets, the better it gets.

So, are you in ‘Sheep Mode’ too?  Are you living your life for someone else – or are you living life ‘your way’?

Here, is my message. 

Effortlessly and successfully creating the life of our dreams, is an emotional process.

There’s more to it that this of course, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

I work almost exclusively with the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks and this is reflected throughout all my work, including my coaching.  Would you like help identifying your own dreams and creating strategies and work with tools that really help you change your life.


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