Writing a Book

Have I mentioned that I wanted to write a book? I wanted to write a book that would help those that are interested in creating a better life.

It’s all very well doing a visualisation and imagining holding the finished book in my hand and seeing a stack of them on my desk – but I could only ‘half’ imagine its form as it didn’t really feel very real.  (And as you know, you have to feel something is really ‘real’ if you want it to come into your real-ity.)  It was almost as if it didn’t really have a ‘form’ yet.

I wanted to write an inspirational book but the book seemed to have a mind of its own. (Perhaps that was why I couldn’t imagine it ‘real’ enough).  Even the title I’d given it didn’t fit and a completely different title just ‘arrived’ – which describes the book exactly.

It then had a title that suited the writings and the form is getting stronger and I could imagine holding it – I could feel it was real.

I’m in contact with a publisher and as I write, it’s going through the publishing process.  It’s really exciting as the cover has been designed and it’s delightful and suits the book to a tee – or perhaps that should be ‘tea’?  (You’ll find out why when the book is out).

The final process of editing is now taking place and then it’s off the printer and it’s another step closer to me holding my book in my hand and having a stack on my desk.

Writing the book itself brought its own challenges: learning about the publishing process has been a huge learning curve and I am now so much wiser as the second book is beginning to roll around in my mind!

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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    well done Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank yiou Krishna. Much appreciated. Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank yu Krishna. I’ve written a Bach Flower book since then. Rose

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