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Birds of a feather do like to flock together.  And like birds, we too like to be with people that have the same feathers as we do.

When I got to Dubai in 1997, the alternative and complimentary community were ‘underground’ as it were, as at that time energy healing was not generally recognised by the authorities.

I was one of two English speaking homoeopaths and I was lonely.  I had no one to tell about the inspirational things I discovered that excited me.  I knew there were healers in the town, so I decided to find them.

I carefully combed through the small magazine that was printed by an ex-pat mum, looking for people like-minded people and I invited them to join me for tea. 30 people came and we formed a Group.  Now I had someone to talk to!

I’ve now been in England five years and although I have been to several networking meetings I haven’t found one where I felt entirely comfortable.  So, you know what they say – if you want anything doing, do it yourself.  So, as I’d done it before, I decided to do it again.

I’ve started a Positive Living Group in Welwyn Garden City.  I have been a ‘positive thinker’ since I was a young teenager.  I was even consciously creating the things I wanted in life – although I knew nothing about the mechanics of what we now call The Law of Attraction.

My purpose in starting the Positive Living Group was to hear empowering speakers who would give us inspiring ideas and concepts on life: so we can meet people who think as we do: discuss the things that inspire and thrill us and make new like-mind friends.

Even when you ‘know all this positive-thinking stuff’: know how the Law of Attraction works – and we all do – it’s wonderful to be reminded about it by someone who actually lives their daily life in a positive state, making conscious choices moment by moment on how they want to feel and so guide their thoughts.

Sue Stone is the speaker at our first meeting.  Her story is one of rags to riches.  She tells of how she turned her life around to such an extent that she was asked to appear on the BBC4 programme The Secret Millionaire.

The first meeting is on Thursday 27th June.  Doors open at 7.15pm.

Please book on the Live Events/Positive Living Group.

I hope to see you there.

Join the flock: hear a brilliant speaker and meet new people who want exactly the same things as you do: we all want to be happy and successful


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Rose Todd

  • Lizzie Nichols says:

    Glad to find this group exists. I live in ware having moved from London recently and haven’t found what I want…yet. Thinking of starting a women’s group and healing exchange group in my home soon. How much do the meetings cost? Is it possible to telephone someone about them. Happy in hope, lizzie

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Lizzie – Thank you for your comment. I wonder if you’re the same Lizzie that join the Law of Attraction Hertfordshire Meetup Group?
      This is going to be the last meeting for a while, so I do hope you can come. The meeting is £10 – and you can book from this site – go to the Live Events tab and click on the dropdown menu – Positive Living Group – that will give you all the information you need.
      And you can email me on [email protected] or give me a ring on 0774 802 1887. Hope to hear from you soon. Rose

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