Passion and Purpose

What’s your purpose in life – do you know? Have you choose it yet?

That’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? Had you thought that your passion is your purpose in life? Did you realise you can actually choose your own path in life, choose your purpose?

But that’s how it must be. Your purpose in life is to live your passion.

Your passion is the fire in your belly (figuratively speaking). Your inspiration is (literary) – You breathing in your Soul – and it drives you to do whatever you to do.

Inspiration: the ‘in breath’ of the Soul – it inspires us to reach for greater things: it draws us forward to become more of who we are. And although this sounds wonderful and profound, to live our passion we’ll have to move out of our comfort zone, as it often involves learning new skills and us going to places we’ve never been to before.

When you are inspired to do something, you might already have some skills to draw on, but to get to that place of your dream, you are going to have to find the way. However, when you are working at your passion you don’t have to know how to get all the way there – just have to start to take the first step and you’ll find the way.

It takes courage, perseverance and commitment too. It might well be that these qualities develop alongside the new skills.

Your purpose in life is purely to express your love in life and this is often in service to others: you giving your unique and individual gifts and talent to another: with your love. Our Soul’s purpose (and our sole purpose) is to feel Love. There isn’t only one, defined path we must tread to fulfil our destiny.

It is our own personal and individual choice how we express our passion in life and as long as whatever we do is genuine and from our heart, then that’s our purpose in life.

Can you make a living, doing what you do – of course you can. So long as you are authentic and heart-felt in your service to others (whatever form it takes) the people who need and want your services will find you.


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Rose Todd

  • K says:

    Yes I am looking forward to participating with the opening of wildlife corridors Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello krishna. You’ve held the resonance for this for a long time. I’m sure the corridors will soon become a reality! Well done. Rose

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