Conscious Creation

I am always so pleased with myself when I create (that is deliberately and consciously set my mind on creating) a parking place just where I want it! Although I’ve been doing this for years, it still gives me a buzz when I drive up to the appointed place, someone drives out of a parking, leaving it ready for me to drive in.

Oh, if all life could be just like that. It can of course – once we get the hang of not only, how the Law of Attraction works, but also how we dance with this amazing Law.

It’s just so easy to lay the ‘blame’ at the door of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work is the main complaint I hear. What people mean is that they didn’t get what they had hoped for.

But you and I know full well that it does work – in fact it often works too well, create things that we didn’t really want created. (My car was broken into and my handbag was stolen! Did I want that to happen? No: but the Law of Attraction just works as it’s supposed to work and so that was the result of my thoughts and feelings).

What we really want is to consciously create all the things we think are going to make us happy. Now that is a different matter.

Conscious creation needs to be part of your daily life. You need to be consciously aware that every thought and feeling is creating something. So ask yourself often ‘do I really want to create what I’m feeling in this moment?’

If you don’t like what life is delivering, the standard advice is to ‘change what you are thinking about’. And yes that does work, but sometimes it can be tricky to do this.

But it’s really the feeling and the meaning you give to your experiences that needs to be changed.

Change what the experience means to you and you’ll think and feel about it differently. Then guess what; not only will you always create parking places, but the rest of your life will fall in line with your conscious creations.


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