Magic Window – The Law of Attraction and Christmas

This flash of inspiration about how we can look at Christmas (and life too) through the eyes of a child, who is wearing ‘magic glasses’. I wrote it a year ago and it is included in my book called This and That.

It’s nearly Christmas and the snow is falling. In fact it’s been snowing for over a week now. It’s definitely hot chocolate weather. I wonder if it will be a White Christmas this year. Wouldn’t that be enchanting?

I love Christmas.

On a recent television prMagic Windowogramme, someone mentioned a ‘magic window’ and I thought, ‘That’s what Christmas is for young children’.

There is a sparkle and enchantment about Christmas for youngsters particularly. They not only believe, but they know that magic and miracles are part of life. Children look at Christmas through a ‘magic window’ where everything is possible.

They send out their dreams and ‘The Law of Attraction’ in the form of a large, fat man in a red suit with a jelly-bean hat, comes down the chimney to deliver their wishes under the sparkling Christmas tree, all wrapped with pretty paper and ribbons.

It’s pure magic. And life is wonderful when you consciously work with The Law of Attraction; you can look through the ‘magic window’ of your imagination to create the dreams and wishes you have for your life. You can dream, imagine everything you want into being.

See and feel the excitement and thrill of a child as you create what you want. Then, either let your dreams drift away like bubbles, or hold the resonance of excited anticipation until they are delivered to you – maybe even before 25th December.

The world needs of your dreams. Dream dreams for yourself: dream dreams for those you love and dream dreams for your world and send them off, with hope and love.

Excerpt From: This and That: A Tea-and-Biscuit Philosophy on Life and the Law of Attraction Book

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